Will the GOP help Lonegan get out the vote in the New Jersey U.S. Senate race?

As the October 16 special election for the U.S. Senate seat-New Jersey approaches, Republican candidate Steve Lonegan has done a rather amazing thing. His fundraising doesn’t come close to the Democrat’s in that race, yet Lonegan has narrowed a gap that seemed insurmountable going into the campaign.

There’s been a great deal of attention on Lonegan’s fellow Republican Chris Christie who enjoys solid approval numbers as New Jersey governor.

If Lonegan was a Democrat, and his party smelled a drop of political blood, the machine would be all over this race. So why hasn’t the GOP mounted an effort to try to help Lonegan get across the finish line?

Lonegan has great experience as a mayor and businessman. He’s a fiscal conservative, and most voters on both sides of the aisle would agree we need people who hold our federal government accountable for taxpayer money.

At present, our government isn’t accountable—scandals appear daily. Sometimes you have to wonder where the chiefs President Barack Obama appointed to run these agencies are. The latest amazement involved an outhouse that cost the Federal Bureau of Land Management almost $100,000. As they say on the Web, you can’t make that kind of stuff up.

Meanwhile, Lonegan’s star-studded opponent Cory Booker has drawn criticism for escalating crime in Newark where he’s mayor and there are other issues as well. The Hill said:

“Booker has faced scrutiny over his business interest, which was subsequently divested, in a tech startup that appeared to be going nowhere. He also endured negative reports about two homes he owned in Newark, one of which has sat empty and in disarray with little attention from the mayor.”

Booker has also come under serious criticism from his fellow elected officials in Newark—some from his own party.

Booker has focused on a national presence—he’s not exactly New Jersey-centric, especially when it comes to raising gobs of cash.

Booker’s chief attributes are his looks and his speaking style.

Is the GOP dodging this race to protect Christie when he runs for reelection?

More importantly, why isn’t the party doing everything it can to help turn out the vote for a candidate who would expand accountability of the taxpayers’ money in Washington? Any special election is all about getting the vote out. That’s the linchpin in the October 16 U.S. Senate race in New Jersey.

(Filed by Kay B. Day/Oct. 2, 2013)

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  3. Joe Ryan says:

    Kay is a wonderful writer and brings news items to light traditional MSM hide from We The People.

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