Above the Fold: Grayson’s opponent Bonilla positions for 2014

Jorge Bonilla

Jorge Bonilla, a charismatic veteran of the U.S. military, will oppose Alan Grayson in 2014.

Bonilla takes on the vitriol and the congressman, opposing Grayson in 2014

Jorge Bonilla will oppose the Democrat Alan Grayson for Florida’s 9th congressional district seat in the 2014 midterms, taking on a candidate known for his vitriol, hate speech, and perception of President Barack Obama’s critics as racists. Nothing Grayson comes up with surprises us anymore, even when he cracks on the tea party movement and the KKK.  

Bonilla describes himself as coming from “humble” origins. “My dad actually came here as an agricultural guest worker and began working the fields before he went back to New York. My mom came here and started working in factories.” Bonilla’s family came from Puerto Rico. Bonilla served in the U.S. military and then worked as a court interpreter.

Bonilla’s approach to government is that of a pragmatist:

“If we do not take immediate steps to correct damage inflicted by Democrats and Republicans alike, then the country we leave to our children and grandchildren will be significantly diminished, and no longer the exceptional nation we grew up in.”

Bonilla has never held public office, a definite plus these days, and he has a straightforward, down to earth personality that will give voters a chance to restore dignity to the office Grayson has disrespected with extremist rhetoric and personal assaults on anyone who dares to disagree with the socialism Grayson described as “stealth socialism.”

Republicans will be glad to support Bonilla because Grayson has managed to anger everyone who disagrees with current Democrat policy. Furthermore, Bonilla is charismatic, a direct contrast to the unpleasant demeanor of Grayson.


A lawsuit against IRS and government officials continues with the filing of a second complaint by the American Center for Law and Justice. ACLJ is representing 41 conservative organizations in 22 states, claiming that IRS officials weren’t alone in targeting the organizations. According to ACLJ, the persecution (and therefore, the violation of the First Amendment) manifested “through outright targeting by the White House, Congressional Democrats, and the mainstream media.” Read more at The Rand Paul Review website: Here’s the Proof: Obama’s Fingerprints All Over IRS Tea Party Scandal.

Rumors are arising that Democrats want the individual mandate in the PPACA/Obamacare delayed. It’s likely Dems are beginning to realize the problem the program’s high taxes and premiums will pose in 2014 when the midterm elections go into high gear. President Barack Obama defiantly refused to even entertain the idea when Republicans proposed it.

Since then the public has learned the Obama administration spent more than $400 million on a website that’s the equivalent of the Obamacare community and nothing works right. Now the government is spending more to hire techs to correct the catastrophic architecture of the website. The president’s spokesman claims the White House knew nothing about problems with the website implementing the president’s signature bill. Read more at Marketwatch: Obamacare mandate may be delayed.

(Filed by Kay B. Day/Oct. 23, 2013)

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