Should conservatives boycott sponsors of show with CNBC host who lied about Sen. Cruz?

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Cruz was one of the first to tell Americans specifics about the negatives of Obamacare. (Snip: C-SPAN)

The latest attack on Sen. Ted Cruz by people who are simply not as smart as the senator came in the form of lies from a talker on CNBC.

After the Obama administration’s latest jobs report came out—dismal as usual, especially for black people—the CNBC talker said, “We’re going to call this the Senator Ted Cruz jobs report…” The talker didn’t stop with that fabrication. 

If the report did carry that label, the label would be a lie. The jobs report covers September, before the faux government shutdown even occurred.

Cruz represents Texans and other Americans who want the federal government reformed. The bureaucracy is dominated by rampant fraud, proven corruption, political cronyism, and elitism such as that exhibited by setting aside special treatment for federal employees when it comes to Obamacare.

The Tea Party has addressed these issues, but they also resonate with people who aren’t a Tea Party member.

Cruz, enjoyed a successful legal career before becoming a senator, including arguing before the Supreme Court nine times, quite impressive for such a young man.

The CNBC talker even assumed Cruz is of Mexican descent, calling for “Mexican music to be played.”

Cruz is of Cuban descent. Considering the CNBC employee’s intellect, it would have been appropriate to play some “stupid” music, perhaps kindergarten level stuff.

That aside, responsibility for the jobs report belongs to the president and to Democrats who control the U.S. Senate. Both the president and the Senate have refused to acknowledge the power of the U.S. House, another in a long line of violations of the U.S. Constitution by Dems.

Should fiscal conservatives take a page from the progs and boycott sponsors of the show where the talker lied about the Obama administration’s jobs report and a senator’s heritage?

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 23, 2013)

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