In bid to promote his fundraiser pal, Clinton appears confused about “fanatics”

Cuccinelli with Sen. Paul

Sen. Rand Paul (right) has endorsed Ken Cuccinelli and so has the senator’s father, former Rep. Ron Paul. (Photo: Cuccinelli campaign site)

Former president Bill Clinton is promoting his fundraiser pal Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor. McAuliffe is opposed by Ken Cuccinelli, current Attorney General of the state.

Clinton isn’t a spring chicken anymore, but you can still count on him to surprise you with his rhetoric, and a recent comment he made ranks right up there with his famous “I didn’t have sex…” line.  

Clinton thinks “fanaticism is fueling conservative voters,” according to a legacy media wire service. Mentioning “political extremism,” Clinton’s remarks were reported:

“If you can get somebody into a fanatic frame of mind,” Clinton said, then they will vote because they are convinced the deck is stacked against them.

Considering Democrats came up with the middle-class gouging Obamacare tax bill, it’s comical Clinton forgets who stacked that particular deck. Clinton had to be laughing at the rubes listening to his statement.

Democrats continue to “get somebody into a fanatic frame of mind” by screeching “racism” every time someone disagrees with big government policies.

That said, McAuliffe has basically led a charmed life, combining politics with venture capitalism to line his pockets:

·       * In 2009 The Washington Post detailed McAuliffe’s sweet deal courtesy of a union pension fund.

·       * In 2002, Judicial Watch highlighted another sweet deal for the then-chair of the Democrats’ party.

·       * Who was on the scene when the wife of a “fugitive financier” coughed up more than $300,000 to Democrats? Mr. McAuliffe.

·        Discover the Networks recounts McAuliffe’s “soft money” prowess:

“McAuliffe’s soft money strategy was responsible for President Clinton’s 1996 scandal concerning the Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers and the White House coffees, two tactics employed to solicit huge donations from wealthy friends and patrons of the Clintons. Al Gore once declared McAuliffe ‘the greatest fund-raiser in the history of the universe.’”

McAuliffe’s talents involve fundraising and rhetoric. He has zero qualifications to be governor, but the “fanatics” in the Democrat camp never concern themselves with qualifications as the current state of the union reflects.

McAuliffe’s political shenanigans are legion. His most ridiculous strategy, perhaps, came two months after President George W. Bush finally took office. McAuliffe attempted to blame Bush for what Clinton left behind after the bubble burst—the Democrat even blamed Bush for layoffs.

President Barack Obama is in his fifth year and no one seems to assign blame to him for anything. “I didn’t know about it” is Obama’s standard defense.

McAuliffe has done and will do the same thing. That is the mark of a real fanatic—lack of ability to admit the truth even when the facts are blowing in the wind like autumn leaves during a Nor’easter.

“If we become ideological, then we’re blind to evidence,” Clinton said. His words perfectly describe today’s extremist Democrats and they’re spot on when it comes to the ideologue McAuliffe.

Cuccinelli has a solid record of public service, and he stands in sharp contrast to the overreaching philosophy of McAuliffe and friends.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 28, 2013)

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