Parasite alert: Obamacare academic got hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars

deer tick like political parasite

The deer tick feeds on the blood of its hosts; this one ate well by the looks of its abdomen. These ticks have much in common with political parasites. (Photo: CDC/Dr. Gary Alpert)

Jonathan Gruber, “Mr. Mandate” to so-called progressives in U.S. media, got hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for his ideas about healthcare policy.

Democrats became so enamored of this academic they rammed his textbook policy down Americans’ throats.

Professor Gruber is sought by media right now in all quarters to answer questions about the PPACA/Obamacare tax bill. If you want to read him in his own words, Gruber has essays posted at his MIT faculty page.

Gruber also has a short bio posted at that page. He’s never run anything more than a classroom or wonk session. That’s the sum of the man whose ideology gave us Romneycare and then Obamacare.

Romneycare can be excused—that program was delivered to a willing Democrat state by a Democrat legislature and a Republican governor. Such programs are constitutionally the business of the state, not the federal government.

As noted in a recent column at Day on the Day, Massachusetts has already had to pass a cost-containment bill, and the insurance market has contracted to a small pool, as MassLive reported (boldface added):

“According to the Center for Health Information and Analysis, Blue Cross Blue Shield controls 45 percent of the commercial insurance market. At the same time, 45 percent of all commercial payments go to doctors working for just three physician groups. Boros said the market concentration “seems to be associated with higher price and higher overall expenditures.

As eager prog “reporters” quiz Gruber for nuggets rattling around in his seriously politically skewed brain, legacy media didn’t disclose why Gruber is so eager to see his ideas intrude on every American household.

The Daily Caller reported Gruber got $400,000 in taxpayer dollars from the Dept. of Health and Human Services in 2009.

When it comes to political parasites, it’s always about the money going from your pocket into theirs. The Grubers of the world are just like ticks—they feed off the host and the Obamacare host would be the taxpayer.

 Next time you see Gruber pumping socialized medicine, bear in mind he not only has your tax dollars in his bank account,  he was a major pusher of the individual mandate, an unconstitutional diktat by anyone’s definition—one reason the Supreme Court conveniently rephrased the “penalty” in the original bill as a “tax.”

It’d be a great idea for some data cruncher to figure out what these textbook academics have cost taxpayers. Considering the mess people like Gruber have made of things, seems to me we should demand our money back.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 4, 2013)

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