Million dollar EPA scandal expands

Gina McCarthy

EPA chief Gina McCarthy (Photo: US Government)

The Environmental Protection Agency carries a big stick when it comes to what we pay for electricity. A major player in the federal policy bureaucracy on energy policy, taxpayers should expect a high level of accountability.

However, a scandal involving approximately $1 million taxpayer dollars has expanded, and it will give little comfort to consumers.

The Washington Free Beacon said:

“A senior Environmental Protection Agency official is under investigation for allegedly aiding John Beale, the EPA official who pretended to be a CIA spy and bilked the agency out of nearly $900,000 in fraudulent travel vouchers and timecards.”

Three administrators who worked under current EPA head Gina McCarthy have been subjected to investigations.

Besides that, the Dept. of Justice headed by Attorney General Eric Holder refused to pursue allegations about a sweet deal one EPA administrator got on a Mercedes via a lobbyist. That administrator retired once those allegations surfaced.

McCarthy knows what being under investigation feels like. An inspector general blamed her for lack of oversight when she was responsible for monitoring air and radiation. Monitors and filters weren’t maintained at a number of stations across the U.S.—The San Francisco Chronicle said, “Fully 20 percent of RadNet monitors across the United States were inoperative, and had been for an average of 130 days.” That lapse represented a vulnerability in U.S. national security.

McCarthy followed embattled former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson who set up fake email accounts, having the effect of hiding any potential EPA communications from the public who pays for the same. The fake name she used even won awards from the agency. A private sector watchdog group revealed that scandal.

Federal energy policy dictated by progressives and extremist environmental groups has led to a 42 percent increase in consumer costs for electricity over the last ten years. That increase has also contributed to increased costs for shipping everything from food to nonperishable goods.

The US Energy Information Administration’s latest figures show consumers will get no relief. Costs are expected to continue to rise, ranging between 5 percent and 13 percent over the next 3 decades.

Increasing the cost of electricity is one promise President Barack Obama kept after saying in 2008 his plan would cause prices to “necessarily skyrocket.” Although his Cap and Trade plan couldn’t even get passed when Democrats held absolute control of both the House and Senate, Obama simply expanded regulatory powers to accomplish many of his goals. The president falls into the climate alarmist theory camp attributing small alleged increases in the earth’s temperature to carbon emissions.

Republicans and Democrats have been at odds over the EPA budget, partly because fiscal conservatives believe cutting the budget will have no impact on environmental quality—it would simply reduce the bureaucracy. One million dollar scandals provide evidence the EPA has a serious lack of accountability problem in managing taxpayer money.

(Filed by Kay B. Day/Dec. 13, 2013)

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