Film about Operation Red Wing in ‘Lone Survivor’ opens

Mark Wahlberg in Lone Survivor
Mark Wahlberg takes on the role of Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell in the new film ‘Lone Survivor.’ (Photo: Snip from film website)

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The film Lone Survivor opens across the U.S. on Friday, providing an account of Operation Red Wings. The film is based on the book by the same name written by Marcus Luttrell, the sole Navy SEAL who lived to tell the story of what happened in a covert mission to capture a terrorist. Patrick Robinson co-wrote the book.

Mark Wahlberg plays Luttrell, and I can’t think of a better casting choice because Wahlberg is the king of action films and he always manages to bring credibility to any role he plays.

I read the book in 2010, and published two articles about it.

At the time, three SEALs were facing trial for what amounted to a busted lip on a terrorist they detained. I wrote numerous articles about the trial and ultimately, all three were basically cleared. As those trials progressed, I often became infuriated by the sloppy media coverage. That year was a year that caught other good soldiers up in the snare of Washington politics.

I am reprinting the columns I originally wrote for The US Report about the book. Luttrell’s account was a page turner; I suspect the film will deliver the same immediacy.

A final note. I refer to ‘Operation Red Wing’; many media call it ‘Operation Red Wings.’ I relied on Luttrell’s official site for the style point.

Lone Survivor, Pt. 2
Lone Survivor, Pt. 3

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