CBO February baseline confirms Obamacare bait and switch

CBO director presentation.

Snip from CBO director presentation.

If a private sector business promised you one product and delivered another, all the while holding a gun to your head, the owner would go to jail.

It’s too bad the people who wrote the Obamacare/PPACA health tax bill, the same people holding the power to levy taxes, can’t be prosecuted, because the Congressional Budget Office February, 2014 baseline is an indictment of that legislation. Once again you will not get from Congress what you were promised.

Bear in mind PPACA/Obamacare is exclusively a Democrat product. The eventual outcomes of this bill will blast to smithereens the popular claim that Democrats are the party of the people.

It’s true you will have to read between the lines. Transparency and clarity are not a bureaucrat’s forte. Remember Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s infamous, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.

What’s in it actually paints a dismal picture for any working American.

The baseline is published at the CBO website.

Among the nuggets you will find are:

-An outrageous increase in exchange subsidies between the years 2015-2024.

-Between them, IRS and other federal agencies would “need to spend” beween $10-20 billion to perform their duties, also known as pushing paper, to administer provisions of the act. The act also “included specific authorizations for spending on a variety of grant and other programs…” In other words, none of those billions will go directly for healthcare.

-The number of uninsured people on Table 2 in a presentation included at CBO included unauthorized immigrants and people currently eligible for but not enrolled in Medicaid. Repeat that once just for the public redemption owed Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.)

Ultimately, it’s my opinion most employers will stop providing health insurance and opt for one of the following: a subsidy or none (you’ll just be kicked into an exchange where you’ll pay a premium higher than you pay now and you will have a higher deductible as well).

Your physician/healthcare provider will by necessity become more militant. Even if you comply with a treatment regimen but you don’t fit the bean counter model and achieve the desired results, you may end up paying additional tax. Put nothing past the socialist model because it is designed to part you from your wealth.

The presentation featured at CBO was given by CBO director Douglas Elmendorf to the Healthcare Leadership Council. Among the possibilities he mentions to reduce government expenses for meddling in our health are more taxes and behavior modification. Therefore, count on an expansion of the propaganda the taxpayer is currently forced to pay for and count on taxes to incentivize you to change your behavior.

Other possibilities the director noted are repealing or narrowing the expanded eligibility for subsidies, reducing the amount of exchange subsidies, raising eligibility ages for Medicare, increasing premiums again for Medicare, increasing “cost-sharing” in Medicare again, and reducing the tax subsidy for employment based health insurance.

Meanwhile, CNBC reported on the CBO’s overall budget projections. Those include a projection that “the Affordable Care Act will cause a larger-than-expected reduction in working hours—eliminating the equivalent of about 2.3 million workers in 2021.”

Remember the character assassinations Democrats levied at Republicans during the previous elections over reconfiguring Medicare? Remember the Democrats’ denials?

If Democrats set out to tank the U.S. economy and your wallet, the party has done a spectacular job of it with this legislation.

Welcome to bait and switch, Americans. If you’re happy with your Obamacare subsidy right now, enjoy it. It won’t be around for long.

Finally, in a nod to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and the Republican Party I belong to, I must say I hope now you understand why the senator bucked the establishment in both parties to warn Americans about this bill. He did right by the people who elected him to office.

(Opinion by Kay B. Day/Feb. 4, 2014)

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