Millions of hours required for Obamacare paperwork

Obamacare Burden Tracker

Committees in the U.S. House have compiled a list of the hours required to comply with the PPACA/Obamacare tax bill. The list will grow with time. (Snip: US House)

The Ways and Means, Education and Workforce, Energy and Commerce Committees in the U.S. House have compiled a list of the hours it will take for agencies, physicians, businesses, and patients to comply with the health tax bill Democrats wrote under the misleading title, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Thousands of pages of regulations are being developed and the bill has even been amended by President Barack Obama without benefit of Congress.

The list is posted online; it will grow over time as Americans continue to find out what is in the bill most Democrats did not read before signing.

In my opinion, the regulations will impose a financial burden on businesses and that burden will impact consumers via higher costs for many things. There’s even a requirement for restaurant menus in this bill.

The worst thing about the PPACA commonly called Obamacare is the intrusion of the federal government onto your most valuable property—your body. Ultimately the requirements will produce a conflict between doctor and patient because the government will penalize doctors who do not follow bean counter protocol.

The compliance burdens are listed in hours. Here are a few that stood out:

-Web-based HIV behavioral survey among men who have sex with men: 44,819

How secure is the data? Is private information vulnerable?

buy wellbutrin sr no prescription -Additional quality measures and procedures for hospital reporting of quality data for FY 2008 IPPS [Inpatient Protective Patient Systems] annual payment update (Surgical Care Improvement Project and Mortality Measures): 6,750,000

It is within this process that hospitals will basically be penalized for readmissions; therefore the government appears to be penalizing the facility for re-admit even if you need it. Will a patient who actually needs it be denied a re-admit because the hospital will lose money on it?

Section 4205 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148: Restaurant Menu Labeling: Registration for Small Chains): 1,755
-Section 4205 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Restaurant Menu Labeling: Recordkeeping and Mandatory Third Party Disclosure: [one time burden] 1,388, 010; Annual Burden: 14,068.808

Besides the vulnerability for corporate data (trade secrets), costs of recordkeeping will be absorbed by the business and probably by the consumer as well.

-Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) Multi-Component Evaluation:  49, 489

Will patients be penalized if treatment doesn’t work or compliance is less than perfect? Likely. The bill is a health tax bill, not a healthcare bill. Also an issue: personal data—how secure will it be?

Thus far the regulations are no man’s friend except for the bureaucrats who get paid to monitor and enforce them. The bill also further complicates a near-criminal tax system—in other words, you could screw up and you might not even know it when it comes to reporting information about your own insurance. One possible complication could occur if you change jobs, for instance.

Total PPACA/Obamacare hourly burdens at this point are:

One time burden for all compliance procedures listed [16 pages so far]: 3,359,530

Annual burden for all compliance procedures listed: buy Gabapentin for dogs online uk 127,602,371

Problems with state exchanges do not inspire confidence. People with criminal records and those under indictment for fraud have been hired. Oregon’s website has burned more than $100 million taxpayer dollars and it appears no one has sealed his or her insurance deal as of this date.

The administration remains mum on how many enrollees have actually paid for insurance.

(Critique by Kay B. Day/Feb. 18, 2014)

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