Big Dem donor pledge intersects new climate change push


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Media recently announced Tom Steyer, a hedge fund billionaire tied to the global cooling/global warming/climate change [GCGWCC] sector, plans to give $100 million to likeminded candidates. Most of us realize those candidates will be Democrats who face stiff challenges in November.

Meanwhile, Sec. of State John Kerry took to the stump in an attempt to reignite passion among a populace whose electric bills have skyrocketed, are skyrocketing, and will continue to skyrocket if Kerry, Steyer, and other members of the political aristocracy have their way.

Steyer has little in common with Main Street. Born to the privilege any child of a successful New York lawyer enjoys, he attended exclusive schools and went on to capitalize on his birthright and his skills by working at financial houses like Goldman Sachs. He founded a capital management firm and having accumulated vast wealth, set out to save the world according to his own model, earning the label of “philanthropist” from media.

It’s interesting that Kerry’s GCGWCC rhetoric intersected with announcements about $100 million in donations embattled Dem candidates must be lusting over.

The Obama administration has burned hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on failed alt-energy loans. Whether Steyer has benefited from any government policy impacting that sector is anyone’s guess—media are mum. You can betcha China is laughing all the way to the bank, having capitalized on taxpayer dollars directed to alt-energy cronies.

Government-funded experts first warned Americans of an Ice Age. Then the narrative changed to global warming. After President Barack Obama took office, the government changed the term again to climate change for obvious reasons—the planet has undergone climate change since its inception. There is disagreement about the causes of climate change and the role of carbon emissions, but federal agencies, some in Congress, and the president mislead the public by telling us the science is “settled.”

The science is “settled” among the government-corporate money complex, with taxpayers and consumers footing the bill and money men pocketing the dollars.

It is also possible Obama resurrected climate change as an issue to deflect attention from a stagnant economy, the failures of Obamacare, and dim prospects for his socialist progressives come November.

The announcements about Steyer’s plans for political donations and the timing of Kerry’s speech should raise questions, but most establishment media are not likely to ask them.

Financial firms like Goldman Sachs have also benefited from taxpayer bailouts.

Unfortunately, the federal government is not redirecting funding to conservation and resource management, or to infrastructure that might be preventive in case of natural disaster, or to low-cost energy that would help revive your wallet and mine.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 20, 2014)

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