Florida women host unique luncheon for Gov. Scott

Gov. Scott

Photo: From Gov. Scott’s Twitter feed, an announcement about more new jobs for Florida, adding to the 462,000 jobs created during his first term so far.

All eyes will be on Florida Gov. Rick Scott at a luncheon in Jacksonville on March 10. What’s unusual about this fundraiser? All the hosts are women.

Scott’s policies of growing private sector jobs, lowering taxes, and paying down debt that grew to risky levels under his predecessor make him a kitchen-table-friendly leader. The governor also managed to significantly lower the state’s debt, by more than $1 billion, and Moody’s praised the Sunshine State for “sound financial management.”

Women can appreciate policies that affect their families directly, and judging the number of hosts (including me), it was logical to support the reelection of the 45th governor of one of the most populated states in the country.

Scott also served on active duty in the U.S. Navy, enlisting after high school and community college. That experience is an asset in a state like Florida where the military has a strong presence. Scott’s roots are middle class America; he doesn’t come from the political aristocracy.

Scott is a Republican, so he won’t get the sort of adulation the other party gets from much of establishment media. Furthermore, the governor tends to focus on actually doing his job rather than engaging in political theater and rhetoric.

Scott took office after Charlie Crist, currently a Democrat, failed to win the Republican Primary in the Senate race won by Marco Rubio who trounced both Crist and the Democrat in the race. Crist left behind debt, a bungled message after the BP oil spill that dampened overall tourism via numerous photo ops despite the fact an abundance of Florida coastline was still open for business.

Crist also left behind a double digit unemployment rate.

When Crist took office in 2007, Florida’s unemployment rate was 3.5 percent; when he departed 4 years later, it was 10.9 percent and he had increased the state’s debt year after year. Scott took office in 2011 when the U.S. economy was still in the throes of a meltdown, but by December, 2013 he had reduced Florida’s unemployment rate to 6.2 percent.

One thing I personally appreciate about Gov. Scott is the fact he took on a difficult task without constantly reminding us he inherited a mess. Scott didn’t wallow in the negative legacy he inherited; he rolled up his sleeves and went to work.

Florida, under Scott, can also now claim a trade surplus of more than $18 billion, a sharp contrast to trade deficits at the federal level President Barack Obama and his appointees preside over.

Women from diverse backgrounds will be part of the luncheon, from sectors like real estate, law, public service, healthcare, education, and media. The luncheon has vast potential for networking at a time when it is important for women to share concerns and resources.

All the hosts are women, but men are also invited to attend. Those interested should make reservations as soon as possible.

The private luncheon will be held on Monday, March 10 at 11:30 a.m. at the South Point Ballroom, Jacksonville Marriott (3670 Salisbury Rd.; Jacksonville, FL 32256). General seating is $100 per person; VIP seating is available for $250 per person.  If you’re interested in attending, please let me know via email [kbdjax1 (at) yahoo.com].

I’d love to see other men and women there who want to help Florida continue an upward path, and I always enjoy learning about what my fellows are doing because after all, I work in news and commentary. If you have a story to share, I’d love to hear it. We have much to do ahead of November.

(Filed by Kay B. Day/Feb. 20, 2014)

Disclosure: Obviously, I am supporting Gov. Scott for reelection. Unlike many in media, I routinely disclose my political positions and support for various candidates.

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