Senate sleepover to talk climate change alarmism

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No-Consensus badge (via WattsUpWithThat)

Democrats have pretty much had their way on taxing carbon via regulation, but they’re not done yet. A group of prog senators will hold a sleepover in the Senate on Monday to talk up climate change. They’re really talking up manmade global warming but no one uses that term anymore.

Most of the senators who will participate aren’t spring chickens; it will be interesting to see how they fare. Democrats’ leaders have been in Washington since dinosaurs rumbled (figuratively speaking).

Democrats’ policies based on man as the cause of  what they first said was cooling but then changed to warming and now parse as climate change have contributed heavily to steep hikes in prices of our electricity, food, transportation and just about anything else we lowly humans need to survive.

Dems presumably will please sugar daddies who have pledged millions to support their candidates if the party supports global warming/climate change policies. Dr. Roy Spencer, climatologist and former NASA scientist, calls the warmists ‘Nazis’ because the warmists long ago began using the term ‘deniers’ to smear those whose theories are different.

A new paper published at Watts Up With That?, one of the most heavily trafficked websites on global warming/climate change, said this:

“We have concluded that the IPCC climate models are seriously flawed because they don’t agree very closely with measured empirical data. After a 35 year simulation the models over-predicted actual measured temperatures by factors of 200% to 750%. One could hardly expect them to predict with better accuracy 300 years into the future required for use in regulatory decisions. (Feb 2014)”

The paper was written by retired NASA scientists, men who helped “put Neil Armstrong on the moon.” Needless to say, there were some pretty stiff criteria for making correct calculations in order to achieve that.

Besides the Dems’ sleepover, James Hansen, a major figure in global cooling morphed to global warming morphed to climate change, will testify before a Senate committee—foreign relations—on the KXL pipeline most leftists oppose despite the fact it would benefit the majority of our country. None of the people who will testify on the domestic pipeline is an expert on pipelines.

Meanwhile, Lord Monckton of Brenchley has created a No-Consensus badge for practical people to use in response to all those alarmist memes and graphics sprouting across social media like kudzu.

Despite the fact he flew over from the United Kingdom, Monckton was barred from testifying at a congressional hearing about global warming when Democrats controlled the House in 2009. The GOP had invited Monckton to speak; then-committee chair (Energy and Commerce) Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) wouldn’t even let Monckton through the door.

Dems and sleepovers aside, Watts Up With That? is a great website to read if you are interested in cooling/warming/climate change. The comments are often pithy, as these examples show:

“[Earth’s perfect temp]

What is the perfect temperature of Earth?  I’m assuming that climate change-related taxes will be used to bring our planet back to the perfect temperature, and I need to know when that has been reached. (Robert B.)

[On Hansen’s testimony about KXL]

Nobody on that panel is an expert on a pipeline, with the possible exception that one or two of them might have tried to surf one in Oahu several years ago, between bong hits. (Paul Coppin)”

Of course, no one disputes the fact climate change has, does, and will occur on any planet. What is disputed is the cause and most emphasis is placed on carbon at present, ignoring solar flares, volcanic eruptions, over-grazing (especially in so-called “developing countries), deforestation, cocaine production, and other phenomena.

Dems say they will work social media during their pajama party. Tag your comments with #Up4Climate.

I can assure you there will be a number of We’re all going to fry comments from crunchies [aka ‘Nazis’) and some hilarious responses from the opposition (aka ‘deniers’) as well.

In my opinion, the current global warming/climate change push is about money. Many in the political crony class have become richer at the expense of the rest of us by promoting a theory that in fact is absolutely not settled.

So much money has gone into select pockets, I have proposed an investigation into the money trail. A member of the European Parliament said recently that organized crime and green energy have transnational proportions. Arrests in Italy after mafia ties to renewable energy surfaced are an indication the EP member is on to something. Republicans and Democrats have ignored the potential in investigating what some naysayers have called a gigantic hoax.

Global cooling/warming/climate change isn’t a juicy topic, but you should pay attention. Your wallet will continue to grow lighter if progs continue to plunder this issue for political and financial gain. It’d be a good idea to remember that when you vote in November.

(Opinion by Kay B. Day/March 9, 2014)

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