Democrat meme: In interview Hoyer echoes Reid on Koch brothers

Harry Reid

On the Senate floor, majority leader Reid rants about Obamacare horror stories and the Koch brothers. (Snip: America Rising video)

Steny Hoyer, Maryland Democrat who is a fundraising champ, did an interview with Fox and Friends on Tuesday. Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked the congressman about everything from IRS persecution of conservatives to Harry Reid’s obsession with the Koch Brothers.

Hoyer answered with standard talking points, managing to work in some serious bashing of Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisc.) budget. He abruptly asked Hasselbeck, “Do you want to talk about some of the really important things?”

For Hoyer, important things included standard talking points, such as saying Ryan’s budget is a “disaster” and a “political budget.”

Initially after being asked about IRS, Hoyer said “No one wants to see people targeted.”

He then appeared to defend Lois Lerner, the IRS official who clammed up and took the Fifth Amendment after making lengthy statements claiming she did nothing wrong and broke no laws. Hoyer is a lawyer who has spent his entire life working in government, so he should understand the implications of allegations against Lerner and quite possibly others in the most powerful agency in government.

Hoyer’s pass for Lerner should trouble every American who understands the value of the First Amendment. No one knows if the many groups Lerner allegedly obstructed could have impacted the 2012 election.

Hoyer claimed he didn’t “know anything” about Reid’s Koch brothers obsession. The brothers donate to groups aligned with conservative and libertarian causes and Reid has made attacking them a habit—on the Senate floor no less.

The consistent bashing of his opposition’s donors suggests Reid is, like many others on the left, anti-First Amendment. Reid has been above the fold and over the top in his character assassinations of the Koch brothers, so it’s incredible Hoyer claimed he knew nothing about it.

Hoyer said he hoped the Koch brothers, “trying to press their political agenda,” weren’t “trying to buy the government.” That would actually be impossible.

Most federal employees give overwhelmingly to Democrats, and federal employee unions are a major driver in Dem politics.

Hoyer has some heavy hitters of his own when it comes to donors—Exelon, Microsoft, Comcast, and Merck are among his top contributors who include people who work for these mega-corporations.

Reid gets Comcast-associated dollars too, but his top hitters are aligned with powerful law firms.

It’s ironic that Reid uses the Senate floor to vilify his opposition’s donors after he became entangled in a strange little scandal whereby he used campaign funds to buy “gifts” from his granddaughter’s company. And shortly after the latest Supreme Court decision on contribution limits, lobbyist Harvey Whittemore, a donor to Reid, took steps to get a conviction overturned. Whittemore was caught in some funny business:

“Whittemore was convicted last year on charges stemming from using straw intermediaries to get around the individual contribution limit of $4,600 in effect in 2007, for contributions to Reid’s campaign.”

Hoyer also managed on the Fox and Friends interview to do some cheerleading for Obamacare despite the fallout Americans will begin to fully experience after the 2014 elections. The Daily Caller reported what many in the working class already knew:

“The investment bank’s April survey of 148 brokers found that this quarter, the average premium increase for customers renewing an insurance plan is 12 percent in the small group market and 11 percent in the individual market, according to Forbes’ Scott Gottlieb.

The hikes — the largest in the past three years, according to Morgan Stanley’s quarterly reports — are ‘largely due to changes under the [Affordable Care Act],’ analysts concluded. Rates have been growing increasingly fast throughout all of 2013, after a period of drops in 2012.”

Hoyer has served in Congress since 1981—the year the late President Ronald Reagan took office.

Reid’s been in Washington since 1983. Reid has worked in government at some level all his life.

So has Hoyer.

Hasselbeck didn’t bring up major Dem donor George Soros during the interview. It would be interesting to ask Democrats why the Koch brothers’ contributions are not appropriate, considering the millions Soros funnels to leftwing causes.

(Analysis by Kay B. Day/April 8, 2014)

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