Did Media Matters go NIMBY on workers’ attempts to unionize?

NLRB Media Matters case

Snip of Media Matters organizing case/National Labor Relations Board. Almost all of the information about the case is secret.

Numerous stories, all published by new and indie media, allege that Media Matters employees have been forced to use a secret ballot in their attempts to unionize. If true, that places Media Matters in the Not-In-My-Backyard hypocrisy arena.

Media Matters is the media watchdog for coverage of Democrats and their allies on the left. The organization has always been robustly pro-union, heaping scorn on Republicans, libertarians, and anyone else who is not.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

“MMFA is forcing its employees to conduct a secret ballot election that will determine whether or not they can join SEIU Local 500, a Maryland union, according to papers filed with the National Labor Relations Board.”

The NLRB did post the case number and scant information—attorneys for both the workers and the group—but the government agency also redacted most of the information, sending an inquirer to FOIA for more:

“* This document may require redactions before it can be viewed. To obtain a copy, please file a request through our FOIA Branch.”

What we do know is that the MM employees filed a petition for a representation election (RC), and both employees and MM have lawyered up.

Is the reason for the redaction of information by the National Labor Relations Board the secret ballot workers reportedly are being forced to use?

Very few organizations have heaped more criticism on right-to-work policy than Media Matters. Note the organization is being represented by Perkins Coie, LLP in Chicago. Some members of that mega-power law firm have been direct allies and bundlers for President Barack Obama and Democrats in general.

Why didn’t the Media Matters employees simply use the easier, quicker card check method?

It was impossible to find a source for cross check in legacy media or information at Media Matters about the unionization of its employees. Legacy media rarely if ever note hypocrisy among their own.

As an aside, it would be interesting if MM released salaries and benefits for their employees, just to make certain there’s no wage disparity.

MM is another in a long list of organizations funded by Soros and Tides Foundation types. Ironically, although legacy media always notes funding sources for government reform groups when possible, the same media never talk about who funds organizations like Media Matters.

(Opinion by Kay B. Day/April 18, 2014)

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