Beware WaPo’s article on GOP ‘demographic problem’

Republican platform 1888

Image: U.S. Library of Congress; Republican platform circa 1888

Where there is a perceived shortcoming, there is always an inherent opportunity. That is the case with the Republican Party I belong to, and legacy media like The Washington Post aren’t alone in failing to see the opportunity waiting for the GOP to seize it.

Republicans fail to see it as well.

The gist of a post at a WaPo politics blog says it all: Republicans have a major demographic problem.

Translation: Republicans should go Democrat and persuade voters based on skin color.

The blogger explains his position:

buy finast us “In 2012, roughly nine in every ten people who voted for Mitt Romney were white — even as the white vote continued its steady decline as a percentage of the overall electorate. He got crushed among Hispanics and African American voters.”

This is the mindset among both Democrats and Republicans these days, although neither group is working much on the African American voters. Dems figure blacks are a lock and Republicans often just give up. Up for grabs: the so-called Hispanic vote. Path to success: Amnesty!

Republicans should not fall for the racialist approach. That too will end because for one thing, it’s not likely there will be a charismatic biracial candidate atop the Dem ticket in 2016. At this point it’s impossible to know who will be at the top of either party’s ticket, but it’s a given that President Barack Obama and his campaigns will be a very hard act to follow. Obama was the right candidate at the right time.

Republicans didn’t lose in 2008 and 2012 because we didn’t sink to the level of messaging people based on their ethnicity or gender. In 2008 there was no way a senior figure like Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was going to win against the awesome media machine and photo optics Democrats and allied media constructed for then-Sen. Obama (Ill.) whose gift for rhetoric was unmatched by a single Republican vying for the party’s nomination. For that matter, there’s not a Dem that can match Obama’s gift for rhetoric either. The man is a natural.

The economy was lousy in 2012 and most of us saw our disposable income slide. We saw our home values sink, largely due to “progressive” policies that landed the taxpayer on the hook for bailouts. We saw our electricity prices rise because of Democrats’ energy policies and regulations. We saw a federal government decree that if we didn’t buy a health insurance policy, we would be cast into a special group of taxpayers who would pay more for that non-activity.

The fact that every American wasn’t out in the street holding a sign when PPACA/Obamacare passed suggests we have become lazy about our rights despite a 24/7 media narrative about civil rights. It’s laughable. Yet we failed to get across the assault on freedom that diktat represented.

What do Republicans need to do to elect a president who might actually be able to stabilize our country, and unite us rather than intentionally divide us for political gain?

Run the right candidate. Listen to people. Leave the Beltway and talk to all Americans, young and old. Treat legacy media as the enemy it is. Don’t permit undercover Democrats to videotape fundraisers (but don’t put reporters in a closet or whatever room the way Dems did).

Above all, get across to Americans that the path we are on is truly not sustainable. Democrats’ tax hikes and a very aggressive Dept. of Justice did increase tax and penalty revenues in the last two years so that our deficit was smaller this year. But our debt continues to grow and the future looks cash-strapped, especially once interest rates rise because we are paying whopping interest on our debt.

Get across to all Americans who rely on the government for various needs that if something isn’t done, your needs are not going to be met in the comfortable way you’ve become accustomed to. The gravy train always runs out eventually.

Republicans should talk to Americans as Americans, not as some pet ethnic group or gender-obsessed bloc.

And every time a false message is spread, the GOP should have an immediate, robust response to correct that falsehood.  The GOP must recover the ability to fight a political war because that is what we are engaged in.

I managed to find a graphic at the U.S. Library of Congress, a compilation of Republican Party principles in 1888. Farms and mines. Salvation of the general government. Emancipation of slavery. Trade and industry protection. And—imagine!—a protective tariff platform. That was it—the “Standard Pyramid of the Republican Party.”

In that same year, Republicans faced an incumbent in the White House. The GOP won the presidential election, and Benjamin Harrison moved into the White House in 1889.

What did the GOP do in that year, and in other successful years?

How is it that we have permitted Democrats to define us, and worse, to influence quite a few of our party leaders who seem to think that abandoning principles for the next election cycle is a good thing to do?

How is it that we have even permitted Dems to rewrite history?

Soul searching aside, there is one rule of thumb any person who ever worked on or for a campaign knows, and if the GOP learns nothing but this, it will be productive.

There is one direct route to winning any election local, state, or federal.

Run the right candidate.

(Opinion by Kay B. Day/April 22, 2014)

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2 Responses to Beware WaPo’s article on GOP ‘demographic problem’

  1. Jeanne DeSilver says:

    I didn’t understand the statement that Obama has a gift for rhetoric until I looked up the word. According to Microsoft’s Encarta Dictionary it means “pretentious or empty language”. Yes, I agree with that.
    The next word that puzzled me was diktat. I was sure it was a typo, but no, it’s a real word and it means “a harsh settlement imposed on a defeated enemy”. So yes, Obamacare is indeed a harsh setlement imposed on the defeated Republicans, and on the country Obama is defeating, which is us.
    Next I was puzzled by “don’t put reporters in a closet or whatever room the way Dems did”. A dictionary couldn’t help me with this one and I just let it go. The rest of what you said boils down to “We’re in a political WAR, and the GOP needs to speak the truth and run the right candidate. I’m thinking Romney could have won if he hadn’t “played so nice” and simply told the brutal truth about everything. We don’t want to play nice. We’re mad.

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