FSU students enlist in attacks on Koch


One of Democrat aligned groups’ biggest donors is billionaire George Soros. (Photo: Harald Dettenborn, via Wikipedia)

Some students at Florida State University have enlisted in the war on freedom of speech against the Koch brothers. The brothers are donors to Republican and libertarian groups.

The issue for the students involves money the brothers donated for a program at FSU in “political economy and free enterprise.”

Deliberate or not, the students are pawns in a war launched against the Kochs by an article in a leftwing magazine. Legacy media is only too eager to offer assistance, as an article about the FSU dustup in The Tampa Bay Times illustrates.

Influential left of center blog The Daily Kos has trumpeted the students’ efforts, and this site is a resource for many legacy media who will pick up the meme without question.

Donations to groups and universities didn’t begin with the Koch brothers. Democrats have a vast list of corporate and individual donors such as George Soros (pictured above) and global warming alarmist Tom Steyer who in my opinion is a major reason President Barack Obama has obstructed the Keystone XL pipeline.

Media ignore Soros’ influence, but the scope is breathtaking. Discover the Networks provides a list of Soros-funded organizations and their objectives are obviously a major influence on Democrat policies.

Outside money also influences academic and civic groups. Dr. Walid Phares, in his book The Coming Revolution (he predicted the Arab Spring), detailed the influence of “Gulf petrodollars…on U.S. campuses to create centers of learning” on the Middle East. Phares wrote:

“The new programs created by these donors were aimed at making sure that future decision-makers, journalists, and analysts graduating from these classrooms would be friendly to the status quo in the region. Backed by the full power of OPEC’s hard-core members, the Arab League, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, a stealth lobby was formed within the West focusing almost exclusively on ensuring a ‘correct teaching of Middle East Studies’ on campuses.”

Among the initiiatives Phares described: the “holy Palestinian cause.” Not exactly a balanced approach.

Legacy media, carrying the banner for attacks on the Kochs, ignore virtually every major player in the Democrats’ camp, from titanic search engines to Silicon Valley. Yet those players influence policy decisions on many levels.

For instance, left of center environmental groups currently control policy over federal land and even impact decisions on some private lands. Those groups are an obstruction to a challenged U.S. economy, but media never get beyond the hugging-trees component. Current policies do not comprise wise use and conservation—they are aimed at preservation and limited or no access except for corporate cronies in the expensive energy sector.

The FSU dustup is one more in a long line of attacks on anyone who disagrees with far left extremists who currently control the U.S. government. That media and college students have been enlisted in that war will surprise no one who knows anything about politics.

James Piereson, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and director of the Center for the American University, penned commentary about the anti-Koch campaign at FSU:

“The controversy surrounding this particular grant by the Koch Foundation has nothing to do with the substance of the case and everything to do with the high profile the Koch brothers have achieved in the political imagination of the American left. Kudos to them for putting their money behind their principles! Those screams you hear are evidence of success.”

The anti-Koch campaign is an extension of Democrats’ war on the First Amendment, nothing more and nothing less.

(Opinion by Kay B. Day/April 23, 2014)

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