‘Vote to get what YOU want ad’ raises eyebrows, reverses JFK maxim

Vote to Get What YOU Want

APIA ‘Vote to Get What YOU Want’ commercial was aired as a public service by Comcast. (snip:APIA ad)

The ad stops you because it is all about you.  I have that word in boldface because it is emphasized throughout the commercial.

The commercial is aired as a public service announcement by Comcast, and it has really been getting some play here in Florida. My first impression was the APIA group—Asian Pacific Islander American Vote—was an activist group in the Democrats’ camp.

Why? The messaging centers on what you want personally, not what you want to do for your country. It is a reversal of JFK’s ‘Ask not what your country can do for you…’ maxim. That reversal is the hallmark of today’s Democrat candidate.

I read some material from the group’s website, and from the 2012 platform as well as a post-election study the website linked to. The platform evokes President Barack Obama’s campaign messaging—from healthcare, to no-photo-ID to vote, to blanket amnesty.

The 2012 report included misleading information, taken directly from Democrats’ promises about the PPACA/Obamacare tax bill presented as “healthcare reform”: “Lowers the cost of healthcare…Expands the number of healthcare providers…Holds health insurance companies accountable…Enhances the quality of healthcare.”

Good luck with that, right?

Fear tactics are used regarding photo ID to vote; the section opens with this statement:

“The AA & NHPI community has lower voter registration numbers when compared to the White community.”

There seems to be a penchant for the victimhood Democrats successfully use as a tactic:

“Language barriers are a major obstacle to overcome for many AA & NHPIs—largely due to the fact that approximately 60% of the community is foreign-born and approximately one-third are limited English proficient. Voters who are limited English proficient and are also racial minorities, are particularly susceptible to discrimination at polling places. AA & NHPIs face many types of discrimination at the polls, from hostile poll workers to being denied the opportunity to vote.”

What I find strange here is that despite our near-open border policy and birth-tourism, those who wish to become U.S. citizens must “be able to read, write, and speak basic English.” There are some exceptions for seniors, but the rule is the rule regardless.

So, with exceptions for the elderly or impaired, how could a person who could legally vote and be a citizen find language a barrier to voting?

The materials on the NCAPA website reflect a group pushing the idea that Muslims are harassed at every turn and a photo ID is a barrier to voting (even though you can get one free in most if not all states).

There’s even a suspect fear message that when you go to vote—this was ahead of November, 2012—you will be disenfranchised:

“There is also a nationwide, organized push to place over a million poll challengers at polling stations in the upcoming 2012 election. These challenge campaigns target minority voters, based on the color of their skin, their accents, and any language barriers they may have.”

I know of no avalanche of campaigns targeting minority voters in 2012.

The APIA group is tax exempt and donations are deductible.

But if you read there in depth and you have even a birdbrain view of politics, you’ll come away feeling like you just left a site organized by and dedicated to Democrats.

The commercial thus far has received mostly thumbs-down from viewers and some negative remarks as well. The final words say it all, with a ‘gimme’ standard common these days:

“Vote to get what you want.”

It’s worth noting that if everyone gets what he wants, in a country with a debt as deep and dangerous as our debt, the getter will go down with the ship just like everyone else except for select political elites, of course.

The stock market crash in 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression in the U.S. impacted the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany, a country struggling with debt, unemployment, and off the charts social spending. Hitler took advantage of a power vacuum in a weak nation. Germans were persuaded by Hitler in desperate times.

“Vote to get what you want”—that didn’t work out well for Germany. Or for the world.

Turns out that advice about being challenged at precincts was inaccurate. According to a post-election survey released by the National Asian American survey, Asian American and Pacific Island communities turned out in record numbers. Obama drew the majority of the votes.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/April 24, 2014)

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5 Responses to ‘Vote to get what YOU want ad’ raises eyebrows, reverses JFK maxim

  1. Jeanne DeSilver says:

    I was making a joke!

  2. Cindy Graves says:

    This will be an excellent topic today on the Cindy Graves Radio Show starring Kay Day! LIVE STREAM: http://www.wbobradio.com

  3. Jeanne DeSilver says:

    It’s upsetting that a group (APIA) who’s platform evokes the Democrat’s campaign messaging is tax exempt. Should I report them to the IRS?!

    • Kay Day says:

      They are careful not to mention a candidate. I don’t think they’re breaking the regs, but I do think they’re aligned w/ Dem platform.

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