CNN assesses NC Senate race, includes Dem meme on Koch

Thom Tillis

End of April polls showed Republican candidate Thom Tillis tied with current Dem Sen. Kay Hagan of N.C.; Tillis’ closest GOP rival is 26 points behind him. (Snip: Tillis campaign page)

CNN, one of the networks jabbed by President Barack Obama at the lame White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday, assessed the NC Senate race in an analysis by their national political reporter.

CNN included a meme Dems are desperately promoting over concerns about the November midterms.

CNN described Republican Thom Tillis’ “two serious rivals” in the primary:

“Greg Brannon, a staunch libertarian tea party activist who wants to put U.S. currency back on the gold standard, and Mark Harris, a prominent Baptist pastor from Charlotte who spearheaded the 2012 passage of a constitutional amendment that strengthened the state’s same-sex marriage ban.”

In end-of-April polls, Brannon polls closest to Tillis, but the libertarian is still 26 points behind, according to the latest surveys.

The GOP hopes to unseat the Democrat Kay Hagan. Hagan voted for the Obamacare tax bill, and she’s said she’d do it again. She said she’s working on “sensible fixes,” but it’s hard to fix one of the most massive (if not the most massive) tax hikes in recent U.S. history.

Hagan is apparently so on edge about her race she took quotes from Tillis out of context. PolitiFact ruled Hagan’s claims “mostly false.” Fact is the senator truncated remarks by Tillis and her claim should have been ruled 100 percent false, but Hagan gets the standard Democrat pass from media. Hagan had the gall to suggest Tillis supported the tax hike bill; he does not.

The most curious point in the analysis, however, arose when CNN noted one outside group “with close ties to the Koch fundraising network.”

The article did mention the Democrats’ Senate Majority Super PAC—nothing was said about the PAC’s donors. Fact Check has some information about the group who recently added as an adviser a chief political strategist to controversial Sen. Harry Reid’s last reelection. Fact Check said:

“During the 2012 election cycle, the PAC raised more than $42 million and ranked 4th in total spending among super PACs. The largest contributions came from Fred Eychaner of Newsweb Corp.; Euclidean Capital LLC President James H. Simons; the Carpenters and Joiners Union; the American Federation of Teachers; the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees; and the Franklin L. Haney Co., a real estate investment company run by a longtime Democratic donor.”

Eychaner’s wealth was estimated at $500 million—in 2005. Check out the donor page for Euclidean at the Center for Responsive Politics—millions in donations to Dems.

Although Democrats have corporate and one percenter donors in abundance, media seem reluctant to identify them as they do Republican donors.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a news story pinpoint a Dem group as having “close ties to the Soros fundraising network,” although the mysterious George Soros is a major benefactor to all manner of leftwing groups.

Hagan knows she’s in for a challenge, and Dems are desperate to keep her seat, but hundreds of thousands of people in North Carolina reportedly lost their policies after Democrats falsely promised you could keep your health insurance policy if you liked it.

Tillis and Hagan are tied right now in the latest polls, and Tillis is polling way ahead of his Republican rivals.

CNN is not normally as partisan as alphabet and other legacy networks.

If the analysis included a reference to specific Republican donors, CNN should have also included specifics about Dem donors.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 5, 2014)

Update 5/7/14: Thom Tillis won the GOP primary in North Carolina on May 6.

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    Bye Bye Hagan! Thom Tillis will be the next US Senator from NC

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