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Michael J. Totten weaves a portrait of modern day Cuba in tightly written prose that would make any serious writer envious. Totten said he “had to lie to get into the country.” Free rein for media isn’t a policy the … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Daytona is known for NASCAR and beaches, and the city is a magnet for young and old. It so happened that some young women I know visited that area recently, and they shared an experience with me that suggests a … buy modafinil online south africa

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A study conducted in India suggests a search engine can definitely influence an election. Many of us who follow politics had already arrived at that conclusion. The latest study confirms what previous research had indicated.

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The Heritage Foundation will leap into the news arena with a new multimedia platform for news and policy insight. This is a welcome announcement to many of us who believe most traditional media is dominated by or, at the least,  … where to buy modafinil from

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Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) took to Twitter yesterday to praise Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives who voted for H.R. 2548, the ‘Electrify Africa’ bill. The bill has a lofty goal to increase electric power for … buy modafinil in pakistan

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While using a hashtag campaign to call attention to girls who may be raped, tortured, and enslaved seems frivolous, commentary in a popular newspaper in Nigeria suggests the hashtag campaign on social media was an act of desperation. 

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Is the U.S. importing crime? That question is appropriate as news breaks about gang members allegedly kidnapping and torturing  two teens in Minnesota because of missing drugs.

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