GOP passes common sense border bill; elitist media ignore details

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Stories by a number of elitist media ignore details in legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives to address the lapse in national security and the recent increase in breaches at the southern border. The House passed a common sense border bill that by most standards would be considered worthy of the Senate’s attention.

A sampler of stories from such publications suggests the content providers formerly called “journalists” did not read the bill.

see The bill does not deport so-called ‘DREAMers’ as Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) claimed. Nor does it “demonize children at the border.” 

For one thing, the “children” currently coming in droves are young adults older than 14 according to the government’s own reportage. It is unfortunate that Democrats consider this man a leader for what the party refers to as “immigration reform.”

The bill Republicans passed, H.R. 5272, freezes the president’s unilateral Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, an initiative not passed by Congress, freezing deportations for millions who have allegedly been in the U.S. since they were children. The executive initiative applies to people who are younger than 31 years, essentially undermining the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

If someone is 31 years old and was here as a toddler in 1986, the family did not conform to a law passed under the false pretense of immigration reform.

The law does not deport those who have taken advantage of Obama’s deferred action on deportation; the law does “prohibit President Obama from taking future executive actions to expand amnesty for illegal aliens.”

Obama acted on this matter in June, 2012 and his initiative basically permitted foreign nationals in the country illegally to gain an advantage over immigrants who abide by federal law. Freezing the initiative makes sense because these individuals have had more than 2 years to comply with the program. If they haven’t complied, we should assume they are not interested in gaining legal status even if it is questionable.

The bill also makes allowances for those in the country as a result of seeking asylum or refugee status. At present, guidelines for that status have far exceeded historic guidelines as Democrats position at the center of their messaging and effort people whose ethnic identification is tied to Spanish as a language.

The bill also sets aside $405 million in funding for the Department of Homeland Security to boost border security and law enforcement activities,” and $22 million “to accelerate judicial proceedings for immigrants.”

Another $70 million would go for National Guard border efforts, including $35 million “for the federal deployment of the Guard and $35 million for reimbursing states for their use of the Guard on the Southern border.”

The Department of Health and Human Services would receive $197 million to “provide temporary housing and humanitarian assistance to unaccompanied minors.”

In addition to existing aid, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador would receive $40 million “in repatriation assistance.”

The bill also amends the 2008 bill Democrats passed on human trafficking, changing it to treat unaccompanied alien children (UACs in government lingo) the same as Mexican and Canadian children.

The bill Republicans introduced demonstrates an incremental approach to reining in Democrats’ wild, wild West policy on the border. Democrats ignore the national security vulnerability that exists at present as well as costs to local communities who must absorb large numbers of foreign nationals whose paperwork can be very difficult if not impossible to vet.

The legislation enables U.S. Customs and Border Protection activities “on federal land under their respective jurisdictions.” At present the government actually restricts law enforcement activities on federal lands.

Criminals with “serious drug related convictions” would be prohibited from applying for asylum.

This is the bill Democrats and elitist media are portraying as extreme. You can only conclude that the Left wants to maintain the status quo—an open border with chaos the order of the day.

The current “border crisis” media promote has actually been years in the making. The Obama administration made plans as early as 2010, handing over more than $79 million dollars to faith-based groups and select nonprofit organizations to handle UACs. The money the Republican bill sets aside is in addition to the $79 million already funded. Some faith-based groups also advocate for what amounts to an open border; obviously, $79 million is a magnet for tax exempt groups reliant on government funding.

While conservatives blame Obama’s DACA legislation for the recent increase in young adults, the United Nations also shares responsibility. That organization has consistently promoted the concept of asylum to people the UN deems immigrants “in an irregular situation.” The UN appears intent on undermining state sovereignty, at least for Western countries and their allies around the world. That said, you have to admit there aren’t many people eager to relocate to Cuba, Syria, or Libya.

It is likely politicos like Gutierrez will attempt to use what Democrats call “immigration” as a wedge issue ahead of the November elections.

Massive immigration reform bills already passed have not solved the problems. They’ve made it worse.

Ironically, when Democrats had total control of the U.S. Government after the 2006 elections, keeping control until the 2010 elections, the party did not pass substantial immigration legislation. That practice held even when the party held the White House in addition to the Senate, the House, and support from the majority of employees in the federal bureaucracy as IRS targeting of government reform groups has demonstrated.

Lack of effective border control, a failing and probably corrupt federal bureaucracy, and wealth redistribution of taxpayer money through welfare programs are all factors in the chaos prevalent today.

Unfortunately, those who abide by federal law are often disenfranchised by those who do not. The GOP bill would somewhat ease that situation, but the only real hope for immigration reform lies in securing the U.S. border, getting a handle on visas, and reducing the magnet of welfare and wealth redistribution other generations of immigrants did not receive.

For Democrats like Gutierrez, a brawl over immigration is a desperate attempt to help the party maintain control of the U.S. Senate while a beleaguered president completes his final two years in office.

For Republicans, immigration is a challenge obstructed by leaders on the Left and criticism from fiscal conservatives.

As Republicans worked into Friday night, Reid and his fellow senators headed out for vacation.

Although he did not do it when his own party controlled the entire government, the president has threatened to act on his own regarding his aims on “immigration.” Technically he should not do so until the Senate takes up the GOP bill.

The first thing Obama should do is to tell Reid to return to Washington and work on a bipartisan basis on a bill that is not remotely extreme, but a common sense approach to addressing one of the worst breaches of the U.S. border in modern times.

President Obama has still not visited the border as the “crisis” continues to unfold; his vacation begins this week too.

Featured Image: Cartoon by A. F. Branco []. Learn more about Branco’s work at Comically Incorrect.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 4, 2014)

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