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2014 banner:

Two Senate hopefuls will debate in North Carolina on Wednesday, and skewed comic relief has entered the fray in the Virginia race for Eric Cantor’s seat in the U.S. House.

The most visible Democrat who hopes to win the House seat didn’t file paperwork in time to meet the deadline, but he claims he’s running anyway. Besides that tactic, candidate Mike Dickinson routinely goes nuts on Twitter, and his posts include buy modafinil online sun pharma at Texas Tech.

You can tell it’s almost November when the nuts start falling from the tree, and Dickinson is no exception.

Tillis-Hagan debate in N.C.  race for U.S. Senate seat

The North Carolina debate features the Democrat senator Kay Hagan versus current frontrunner (by a real smidgen) Thom Tillis, a Republican. Hagan pretty much follows the current Democrat agenda set by her party’s majority leader Harry Reid (Nev.) and President Barack Obama.

Hagan is opposed by Thom Tillis who serves in the state House as speaker. Tillis brings a business background to the table. Judging her fairly well-sourced bio at Wikipedia, Hagan hails from the political class—her uncle served as governor of Florida and her father was mayor in a Florida city. She has worked for Bank of America.

Tillis is currently leading Hagan. Tillis successfully helped push state tax reforms for North Carolina which has traditionally received poor ratings from business for the tax climate, according to his bio. Tillis’ upbringing—a “working class family”—marks a contrast to that of Hagan whose pedigree probably helped her get an internship at the U.S. Capitol in the 1970s.

The Tillis-Hagan race is one of the most watched in the country, with buy modafinil singapore saying:

“Democrats attempted to manipulate the Republican primary to increase the chances the GOP would elect a candidate who would implode, but voters nominated House Speaker Thom Tillis…Hagan is below 45 percent, and is in deep trouble.”

The Charlotte Observer said this race is the “most expensive in state history.”

The Tillis-Hagan debate will air on C-SPAN at 7 p.m. on Wed., Sept. 3.

Virginia Dist. 7, the real candidates and the attention seeker

Another closely watched race is the contest for Rep. Eric Cantor’s seat in Virgina, Dist. 7. buy modafinil paypal won the GOP Primary, defeating Cantor, and he will face fellow prof Jack Trammell, a Democrat who actually teaches at the same college where Brat teaches economics. The Dem candidate teaches sociology.

In the mix for the Dist. 7 seat is a self-declared candidate who didn’t meet the filing deadline, Mike Dickinson. Dickinson routinely goes nuts on Twitter, posting messages that beg questions about his mental orientation: “Tuesday at 11 am, listen to my radio show on @whanradio when we pray to god for Ebola to strike the @NRA.”

By “radio show”, Dickinson means a show on his community’s local station, WHAN. WHAN told Day on the Day that Dickinson is not an employee or station host: “He bought time with WHAN…he hasn’t broadcast.”

Dickinson seems to be obsessed with bashing Christians, wants more gun control, and offered $100,000 for a nude photo of a Texas college student who got attention for her fondness for big game hunting.

Ballotpedia provides an interesting explanation of the process buy modafinil europe At the moment Dickinson has grabbed the lion’s share headlines for his bizarre statements on social media, but technically, Dickinson isn’t even a candidate. He seems to simply enjoy attention, whatever the cost in terms of his reputation.

GOP candidates favored in both races

Both the North Carolina race for the Senate seat and the Virginia race for the House seat have the Republican candidates favored at the moment. Between now and November, however, anything can happen. The challenge for Democrats is to overcome unpopular policies set by their national party leaders—tax hikes, rising energy costs, controversy over open borders, and for many, increases in the cost of health insurance and healthcare in general.

For dark comic relief, you can follow the Democrat Dickinson on Twitter: @VoteMike2014.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Sept. 3, 2014)

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Kay B. Day is a freelance writer who has published in national and international magazines and websites. The author of 3 books, her work is anthologized in textbooks and collections. She has won awards for poetry, nonfiction and fiction. Day is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.
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