‘Carbonphobes’ protest in NYC as Sasquatch shows up

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In a poll taken by the UN, climate change ranked at the very bottom of issues people around the globe care about. (Snip: UN)

Judging the mass of people who apparently have lots of leisure time on their hands and funds to travel to New York City, you’d think carbon emissions are a top issue for the whole world.

You’d think media would ask some hard questions, considering the potential impact of policy these people think they want. You’d think media would drill down on the Sasquatch of Carbon who showed up. Not. 

Why should you care? If these privileged souls have their way, your utility bill will continue to rise alongside price hikes for virtually every commodity you need to survive.

Start with a poll of millions of people taken by the United Nations. I took the poll just to see how my concerns stacked up against concerns of people in distant lands. Guess what? We’re mostly on the same page. The top six issues we care about in this global poll are: a good education, better healthcare, better job opportunities, an honest and responsive government, protection against crime and violence, and affordable and nutritious food. Climate change ranked dead last.

The United States and many other countries are blessed with a variety of options for energy. In recent decades extremists in what media falsely call the environmental movement—it should be called the corporate environmental lobby—have gained control over natural resources that belong to all of us. The result can be viewed in each of our middle class wallets. Elitists like DiCaprio don’t feel the pinch you and I feel down here on Main Street, and you can bet the actor leaves a gigantic carbon footprint because of his lifestyle.

The Wall Street Journal explained DiCaprio’s hypocrisy :

“The actor/environmentalist is planning a space voyage on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. But FAA data show the trip will burn more than five times Mr. Branson’s estimated amount of fuel, amounting to twice the average American’s annual energy consumption.”

That is one reason DiCaprio or his ilk should be deemed a ‘Sasquatch  of Carbon.’

It makes more sense to roll money into attempting to prepare for and prevent weather-related disasters that have affected our planet since the beginning of time. We should be looking at land use management, degradation of habitat,  and diversion of waterways. After all, Katrina was a manmade disaster.

We should use all our energy resources, from fossil to renewable, applying the source most appropriate in both economic and environmental terms for our needs. If “carbonphobes” have their way, the middle class in the U.S. will continue to see our own assets decline while assets increase in countries where freedoms are fewer and corruption is even worse than what we see domestically.

Welcome to a depraved new world led by hypocrites like DiCaprio and their Sasquatch-sized politicos.

Hat tip: To WattsUpWithThat for making us aware of the UN Poll. You can participate in it too.

Featured Photo: Results of UN Global Issues poll showing climate change ranks at the bottom of issues people around the globe care about.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Sept. 22, 2014)

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