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Get modafinil prescribed uk, Buy modafinil online australia

buy modafinil online canada

The border between Guinea and Liberia is obviously porous, just as the U.S. southern border is. (Photo: CDC/ Daniel J. DeNoon)

When Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan visited Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital the first time, he left out a key fact that may have changed the response of healthcare workers who attended him.

Duncan’s family has released more than 1,400 pages of medical records to the Associated Press. The wire service ran a headline, “Ebola Patient’s Temperature spiked to 103 degrees.”

The key word there is spiked. Did his fever decline before he was released? Was he given anything to bring the fever down while at the hospital? The AP doesn’t disclose that information, although it is relevant to discussions about his treatment.

The AP actually missed a key element in their own story. It’s important to tell hospitals and government officials the truth. 

The most important piece of buy modafinil online sun pharma is towards the end. There’s a cautionary tale here. The AP said:

The documents also show that a nurse recorded early in Duncan’s first hospital visit that he recently came to the U.S. from Africa, though he denied having been in contact with anyone sick.

He chose to keep secret his hands-on contact with a very sick person although he knew he had helped a pregnant woman who was sick in his hometown in Liberia. CNN said buy modafinil singapore are also “dead or dying”—nine of them in fact. At present a task force in Monrovia is attempting to contact at least 100 people who had contact with the pregnant woman who died.

Those who helped her claim they didn’t know she had Ebola, although outbreaks had begun months before. A member of the local Ebola task force suggested residents had been warned repeatedly:

“We’ve been through this over and over…We tell the people no matter how much you love the person. It is the health authority that is responsible to pick up the sick.”

Meanwhile, in the United States, government officials have consistently downplayed the risk, emphasizing the need to remain calm. Although information has been provided, significant warnings have not been emphasized, especially about the buy modafinil paypal even after a male patient heals or has begun to convalesce.

Now some in Duncan’s family are accusing the hospital of racism, claiming he would have received better treatment if he had been white. Racial opportunists in politics and media are eager to assist in carrying that message.

Jesse Jackson suggested the fact Duncan didn’t have insurance contributed to his death.

The only solution for that would be for the federal government to require all foreign nationals who enter the country to abide by the diktat American citizens and legal aliens must abide by—we are forced to purchase insurance. I’m certainly on board with requiring the same thing of foreign nationals the government requires of my family.

Duncan’s death did not surprise me. Ebola is a disease that is often fatal. The drugs that can be given right now are experimental. There’s buy modafinil europe in any hospital in the US because until now, Ebola had not come to our shores.

I believe every effort was made to save this man’s life. I also know that Americans generously provide healthcare to any sick person showing up at a hospital, and Duncan was no exception.

If the AP story is correct, and he did not share with the admissions clerk that buy modafinil uk paypal, or at the least, to an individual who was sick, Duncan created a window of uncertainty that cost him valuable time.

That anyone would politicize this man’s death after he received medical care from a country he made vulnerable by his presence and even his death, is disgusting. Mr. Jackson should be ashamed of himself although I doubt he is, at this point in his long political career, capable of shame.

I sincerely hope there’s no lawyer hovering around this family urging them to sue, but it’s time for media to ask serious questions about why Duncan was here in the first place, and why he chose to not tell the truth to admissions about being around a very sick pregnant woman. Some accounts say the Liberian health facility turned her away because they didn’t have space to care for her. Friends say this was buy modafinil nz

His decision to not properly inform hospital staff in the U.S., beginning with the admissions personnel, put them all at risk. He also chose to not properly inform authorities in Liberia before he left that country. How many were put at risk by the decision he made from the time he left Liberia until he went to the hospital in Dallas?

NBC News said the World Health Organization [WHO] recently set the Ebola death rate at 70 percent. The disease continues to spread in West Africa, with buy modafinil with bitcoin.

Putting the plight of Duncan into perspective, ask yourself where you would go if you’d been exposed to Ebola and your home city hospital had no more room for patients.

Featured Photo: The border between Guinea and Liberia is obviously porous, just as the U.S. southern border is. (Photo: CDC/ Daniel J. DeNoon)

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 10, 2014)

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Get modafinil prescribed uk, Buy modafinil online australia

Kay B. Day is a freelance writer who has published in national and international magazines and websites. The author of 3 books, her work is anthologized in textbooks and collections. She has won awards for poetry, nonfiction and fiction. Day is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.
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