After error-plagued court martial, soldier needs your support

Former 1LT Clint Lorance needs your support for his petition to right a wrong in military justice.

Petition for Clint Lorance

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After 1LT Clint Lorance (US Army) was court martialed for approving engagement in a war zone with men on a motorcycle who appeared to be hostile, he awaits word on his appeal for clemency.

Meanwhile supporters have established a petition at in hopes of raising awareness about his case. That awareness, if public support is strong enough, may make a big difference for a soldier who was severely penalized for doing his duty as he understood it in July, 2012, in Afghanistan. 

Should Lorance’s appeal for clemency fail, he will be subject to a costly, extended appeals process if he hopes to get his life back.

Lorance’s supporters have posted the clemency documents on his official site at Free Clint Lorance. Lorance’s attorney said the record of trial contained at least 8 “prejudicial legal errors.” Among those errors was the refusal of the court to inform jury panel members that some key prosecution witnesses had immunity from potential charges. Another startling omission involved not introducing information about justification for Lorance’s orders that day.

Notable reasonable doubt was completely ignored by the jury panel.

Lorance did not fire his own weapon—he approved his men firing theirs. He took responsibility for the decision and for what happened that day. The court did not learn the names of the alleged deceased men, their nationalities, or their reasons for approaching US and Afghan troops on a motorcycle like those the enemy favored.  Lorance could not see the men; he relied on information given him by others about the mens’ approach and their refusal to stop when ordered.

Thus far, Lorance’s case has drawn 26,779 signatures on the petition. Many more are needed. Please help this soldier who became entangled in international politics simply because he gave an order in the belief he was protecting his men and himself that day. Lorance’s orders were within the Rules of Engagement. The jury panel made a judgment call based on incomplete testimonies and legal errors.

Lorance had served more than 10 years in the Army, having enlisted on his 18th birthday. His record was exemplary.

Day on the Day will continue to advocate for Lorance’s freedom.

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 6, 2014)



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8 Responses to After error-plagued court martial, soldier needs your support

  1. Not exactly the same but a case going on here in the UK,*Marine A* a serving Royal Marine having been charged with murder! It certainly has a lot of people riled up but *MarineA*has a hell of a lot of support here. I trust the young man has similar support,we need these chaps!

    • Kay Day says:

      If you have a link, please share it. I have covered the case of a UK contractor they tried to railroad. I’d like to know more about the Marine.

  2. Kim Taylor says:

    We all need to spread the word. If Clint is not a hero, why would ANYONE serve our country! If you have ever thanked a soldier, help them now. Just spread the story. Free our solderiers. Make it easier for them to win a war!!! It just keeps spreading.

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