De Blasio slammed on Facebook page over deaths

NY cops turn backs on de Blasio

Video snip from New York Daily News (via WPIX) shows New York police officers turning their backs to the city’s mayor de Blasio as he arrived at a hospital where two police officers died. De Blasio claimed he wanted to “pay respects.”

Americans who understand what terms like Marxism, Sandinistas, and government overreach really mean have had a hard time understanding how New York elected someone like Bill de Blasio—his original name was “Warren Wilhelm Jr.” At present Mayor de Blasio is getting slammed on his Facebook page because of his racial rhetoric ahead of two New York policeman being assassinated by “lone gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, who had addresses in Georgia, Maryland and Brooklyn” (New York Post). 

Mayor de Blasio is another in a long line of antiquated socialists who seem to pine for the civil unrest that marked the 1970s. At that time, the issue was civil rights and the war in Vietnam. Now the issue appears to be largely related to opportunities for individuals who gain power and money by preaching racism.

Besides the public ranting at de Blasio, New York City police officers shunned him at the hospital where media said the mayor had gone to “pay his respects.”

At the hospital, as the mayor walked through a crowd of officers, they turned their backs to him.

De Blasio has a long peculiar history, from his name change to his ardor for the brutal Sandinistas in Nicaragua and for the Castros in Cuba, to his enthusiasm for the mottled crowd of community organizers and young people who made up photo-op protests loosely referred to as the Occupy crowd.

The mayor’s Facebook page only has 26,174 ‘likes’. He posted respects on the page on Saturday as follows:

“When police officers are murdered, it tears at the foundation of our society. This heinous attack was an attack on our entire city.”

Responses were not friendly. One commenter wrote:

“Shut the hell up with your fake tears! Resign as mayor and Go to Cuba and stay there!!!”

That remark was among the least offensive on the page.

Meanwhile the families of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos are grieving their loss. The officers were working overtime when the gunman shot them in the head. Neither officer was committing a crime or accosting the gunman—he simply wanted to murder policemen despite the fact the two victims had nothing to do with controversy over the case of a man who died as police attempted to arrest him for selling loosies.

New York’s taxes on cigarettes are outrageous. Sin taxes usually are, but the most expensive medical conditions, such as often-fatal illnesses caused by unprotected sex or dirty needles, aren’t taxed at all. Sin taxes are selective and they are always used as a means for government to grab more revenue.

De Blasio’s term as mayor may please the low information voters, but it’s impossible to understand how a city priding itself on the arts and intellectual resources could have elected a recycled 1970s Sandinista-Castro lover who places little value on the men and women at the New York Police Dept.

No media have raised a question that de Blasio should answer. If he’s worried about people selling loosies, why didn’t he send a bureaucrat out to fine the man selling them instead of tying up cops? Most cities require licensing of some type for any street vendors.

Like many other  big-government socialists who cling bitterly to government models that have never worked out well for the “little people,”, de Blasio is a Democrat.

Featured Photo: Snip from video at New York Daily News (via WPIX) showing the city’s police officers turning their backs as Mayor de Blasio showed up at a hospital where the two dead policemen had been cared for, claiming he wanted to “pay respects.”

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Dec. 22, 2014)

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