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After President Barack Obama spoke to the nation about Iraq on Thursday, headlines blared a common meme: The U.S. doesn’t have a strategy. Obama’s White House press secretary Josh Earnest even told an MSNBC pundit—friendly ground for the administration—that the … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Media have failed again as the watchdogs many claim to be in covering rumors about President Barack Obama’s threats to enact de facto legislation on immigration. We might as well call it legislation, because that’s what it will be if … buy modafinil boots

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I often say Democrats are hostile to the First Amendment, largely because of their devotion to the defunct Fairness Doctrine and actions like President Barack Obama’s “Fishy” campaign. Both these examples are aligned with oppressive ideology—the control of speech and … buy modafinil ebay

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What possible reason could a city of 600,000 people have for permitting only 320 cabs? The Institute for Justice said on Monday it will return to court in an effort to “intervene in a lawsuit filed this morning by Joe … buy modafinil hong kong

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Unofficial results from the Florida Division of Elections for the 2014 Primary reflect lower overall turnout and lower votes within his party for one of the nation’s newest Democrats, Charlie Crist. Although Gov. Rick Scott was a shoo-in for the … buy modafinil legit

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Criticism resounded across Twitter and other social media on Tuesday as Americans commented about Burger King entering talks to buy the Tim Hortons Chain and move corporate headquarters to Canada. Insults aren’t the only things abounding right now. There’s plenty … buy modafinil online with prescription

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How does Attorney General Eric Holder decide to intervene in cases involving the use of lethal force? You’d think some media worker would ask him that question. Anecdotal examples of other cases make the question even more intriguing. For instance, … buy real modafinil

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