Chevrolet ad promotes 2015 Colorado, misses boat on street musicians

Commentary by Kay B. Day

2015 Chevy Colorado ad with street musicians

Snip from video, commercial for 2015 Chevy Colorado. (YouTube)

You may have seen the new ad from Chevrolet promoting the 2015 Colorado—the “2015 Motor Trend Truck of the Year.” The ad features one guy who parks his not-so-sexy car against a backdrop of the song “Rainy Days and Mondays.” I never cared for that song very much, but you get the idea. This guy is a loser because he doesn’t have a sleek, sexy pickup.

The guy who does have that sleek, sexy Colorado passes Loser Guy at the elevator in a building where both of them either apparently work or have business to take care of. Then Winner Guy heads to his truck and cranks up AC/DC’s “Back in Black.” That song I like. Winner Guy even gets an interested glance from a young woman waiting for the elevator.

Both Loser Guy and Winner Guy pass by a group of street musicians who do a few bars of each song. Chevy so missed the boat on these street musicians, though. 

The ad creators could have slipped in a tidy little message that might benefit those performers who choose to go a raw grassroots route to get their music out.

Not a single person in the ad—either the guy or anyone else—takes a moment to tip the musicians who, if they are actually playing the music you hear and I cannot attest to that—have talent.

Across America, musicians who don’t want to go the cover band route or who don’t have resources to buy equipment to book into bars and such ply their trade on street corners. I’ve heard many a lovely tune from such performers and I always make it a point to drop something in their tip jar. I’ve done this all my life, even when I lived paycheck to paycheck.

So why would Chevy make a commercial with street musicians and omit the very practice that permits them to ply their trade? As far as I cant tell, there’s not even a tip basket in the ad—there’s no instrument case where you can toss a tip either.

Obviously there is a disconnect between the ad’s creators and those who aren’t on the Avenue. No street musician I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many, leaves home without a container for tips.

Word, Chevy. It’s your call, but do street musicians a favor if you feature them in another ad like the 2015 Chevy Colorado message. Have Winner Guy tip the musicians. You’ll soften up his haughty demeanor and make him a little more human. Loser Guy comes off in your ad as nicer.

Featured image: Snip from video, commercial for 2015 Chevy Colorado. (YouTube)

Disclosure: I do have musicians in my family, but they don’t do street music, so there’s nothing in this for me directly or indirectly. I do like that truck too, btw.

(January 19, 2015)


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