Former CIA officer tells Americans: Arm with “as deadly weapons as possible”

Martin Luther Reformation

“Luther burning papal bull of excommunication, with vignettes from Luther’s life and portraits of Hus, Savonarola, Wycliffe, Cruciger, Melanchton, Bugenhagen, Gustav Adolf, & Bernhard, duke of Saxe-Weimar.” (Caption and image, US Library of Congress; Breul, H., lithographer, 1874)

By Kay B. Day

Michael Scheuer played a key role in intelligence in the pre-9/11 era in the United States, heading up the bin Laden unit for the CIA during the administration of Bill Clinton (D). Scheuer served in the Directorate of Intelligence (DI) and the Directorate of Operations (DO), and his writings are a reminder that the attacks on America could have been prevented.

Now Scheuer is issuing a warning much like the warnings he issued to the president in the 1990s. 

During the Clinton years, Scheuer repeatedly advocated for the US government to kill Osama bin Laden. Scheuer wrote about that advocacy, noting “Mr. Clinton’s failure to capture or kill bin Laden on any of the eight to 10 chances afforded by CIA reporting.” Scheuer also pointed out, in the interest of fact rather than politics, that the administration of President George W. Bush had no opportunity to kill bin Laden prior to 9/11/2001.

Scheuer has roundly criticized both Bush and Clinton, and he is now doing the same regarding the administration of President Barack Obama. Scheuer wrote, “[T]he jihadists declared war on the United States and its vassals in August, 1996.”  That declaration was public, but it was largely ignored.

The opposite approach was carried instead, by legacy newspapers serving governing powers. For instance, The 9/11 Commission Report included this:

“[A] New York Times article in April 1999 sought to debunk claims that Bin Ladin was a terrorist leader, with the headline ‘U.S. Hard Put to Find Proof Bin Laden Directed Attacks.'”

The attacks referenced included the assault in 1992 on military personnel at a hotel in Yemen, the attacks recounted in the novel Black Hawk Down and others. The government report also noted no National Intelligence Estimate “was produced on terrorism between 1997 and 9/11.” [print ed., pg. 343]

Now Scheuer is warning Americans directly, because he can. He no longer works for the CIA. It is likely he would receive more attention if he elected to take an approved stance within US political circles. He maintains a controversial stance on Israel, characterizing the country as a political liability for the United States.

Regardless of his various opinions, some of which I strongly disagree with, Scheuer’s command of intelligence and information on the Islamist movement makes him a man worthy of attention.

In a recent post at his blog, Non-Intervention, Scheuer wrote:

“Most of those mujahedin who attack inside Western countries will be residents of those countries. Responsibility for facilitating this phenomena lies strictly with Western governments that for forty years have championed the immigration of foreigners who never intend to assimilate, and who in some cases mean to harm the nation to which they have immigrated. This intent to harm clearly increases with each generation that is born in the country of immigration. This sort of society-killing multiculturalism has been worsened and made unmanageable by the open borders specialized in by the U.S. and the European Community governments.”

Scheuer also views the current conflicts as part of a reformation in Islam similar to the Protestant Reformation, but this is one that won’t “be to Western liking”:

“The message delivered by Osama bin Laden and his successors that the most basic relationship in Islam is between the individual Muslim and Allah without an intermediary is obviously gaining ground across the Muslim world. Part of this success is due to the example of bin Laden and the victorious mujahedin, but most of it is due to the recognition by Muslims that the religious scholars who work for Arab governments are on the take, and that they will deliver religious decisions in whatever form their tyrant-employer desires so as not to lose the wealth, position, and status and they have won by selling out their faith.”

Considering Obama’s bizarre remarks about Christianity at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, and the general lack of knowledge about history on topics like The Crusades, we should expect people with strong opinions to make startling statements. Scheuer did.

Scheuer finished his post with stark advice that might, in a practical political climate, sober the anti-Bill of Rights bloc on the Left:

“[S]eldom in American history has it been more important for every American to be armed, and armed with as deadly a weapon (or weapons) as possible.”

Featured image:  “Luther burning papal bull of excommunication, with vignettes from Luther’s life and portraits of Hus, Savonarola, Wycliffe, Cruciger, Melanchton, Bugenhagen, Gustav Adolf, & Bernhard, duke of Saxe-Weimar.” (Caption and image, US Library of Congress; Breul, H., lithographer, 1874)

(February 6, 2015)

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