Coincidence: Clinton data goes missing in six year cycles

Hillary Clinton

Then Sec. of State Hillary Clinton dodged questions about Benghazi in a congressional hearing. (Frame grab/C-SPAN)

Should we assume that information relevant to Hillary Clinton’s political activities will go missing every six years? If past is prelude to the present, we might.

The State Dept. is now allegedly searching for records from Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.Technically, Mrs. Clinton would have had to sign a separation statement so the government could inventory documents she might want to keep copies of. That agreement isn’t the only document gone missing.  

Two media outlets, one establishment and the other alternative, are suing one of Clinton’s staffers over emails from her time at the State Dept.

It’s purely coincidental, I’m sure, but Clinton data has gone missing at least two times before the current things-go-missing fiasco.

In 2003 information about the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 was stolen from the National Archives by Sandy Berger. Berger served in the administration of Bill Clinton. Mrs. Clinton tapped Berger to advise her 2008 presidential campaign despite the fact he had been convicted and sentenced for his crime. The sentence was light, of course, because Berger is a member of the political privilege class. Americans will never be able to trust details about what Berger stole because he destroyed documents.

The National Archives was hit again in 2009, six years after Berger’s theft. The quantity of data gone missing on a disk was a whopper, estimated by the National Archives and Records Administration’s Inspector General and the US Congress as one terabyte of data. Among the information missing: more than 100,000 social security numbers, Secret Service and White House event logs, political records and other “highly-sensitive information.”

Media made little of that theft. The IG said the quantity of data missing was the “approximate equivalent of millions of books.”

Thus, Clinton data went missing in 2003, 2009, and 2015.

Disrupting the six year cycle was a theft related to Clinton although the records weren’t in her possession. In 2013 the office of a State Dept. whistleblower’s attorney was burglarized. The whistleblower, Aurelia Fedenisn, had worked as an investigator for the State Dept. Office of Inspector General.

Fedenisn had plenty to tell, alleging State Dept. employees and contractors had used illegal drugs and engaged in sex with minors and prostitutes among other unacceptable activities during Clinton’s time at State.

Claims similar to those Fedenisn made  were substantiated in February, 2015 when a counterterrorism official who had worked in the State Dept. under Mrs. Clinton was arrested after allegedly trying to set up a sexual tryst with a minor.

At present Mrs. Clinton appears to be the Democrats’ best hope for keeping the Oval Office in the hands of the party of extremely big government. Should she win, it might be a great idea to take inventory periodically of property in the White House. Why do I say that?

In her book The Final Days, the late Barbara Olson described how both Bill and Hillary Clinton managed “looting the White House.” Olson recounted how the president and his wife “shipped seventy museum pieces, donated to the White House by prominent American artists, to the Clinton Presidential Library in little Rock.” The House curator said the decision to ship the pieces was “made by ‘Mrs. Clinton herself.’”

Olson acknowledged the Clintons returned some things among “other furnishings”, noting an official report said, “[T]he Clintons returned ‘a truckload of couches, lamps and other furnishings taken from the White House.’ Full information about the items “has been withheld despite numerous attempts for disclosure.” [print ed. pgs.71-73]

Olson died on American Airlines Flight 77 after Islamist terrorists crashed the plane into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Her book The Final Days was published after her death, but she perfectly pegged Hillary Clinton as we know the former secretary of state today:

“She is quite willing to act outrageously, stonewall and obfuscate, then proclaim that it is time to ‘move on.’ As her presidential campaign unfolds, the public will be wise to examine her conduct and motives in light of her past, consistent history. She will never really change.” [pg. 216]

(Featured Image: Screen snip of Mrs. Clinton’s testimony about the attacks on US property in Benghazi, Libya; CNN video)

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 17, 2015)

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