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Profiles of 2016 Presidential Contenders

Commentary by Kay B. Day

buy modafinil online canada

Snip from Sen. Rand Paul’s ‘A Different Kind of Republican Leader’ video. (

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is expected to formally announce a bid for the White House on Tuesday, and ‘pre-nouncements’ abound across cyberspace. Paul enjoys general tolerance from old guard GOP, but power brokers usually spare nothing when it comes to criticism of government reformers.

Paul supporters will likely think he’s off to a good start for many reasons. Among those reasons is a well-timed snark from Sen. Lindsay Graham (S.C.) who expounded on President Obama’s Iran negotiations on a legacy network talk show Sunday. 

Graham appears to favor Hillary Clinton’s skills in foreign policy over those of Paul, a conundrum to anyone studying foreign policy and her attempts at it. buy modafinil online sun pharmasaid he thought a better deal with Iran is possible:

“The best deal I think comes with the new president…Hillary Clinton would do better. I think everybody on our side, except maybe Rand Paul, can do better.”

The South Carolina senator didn’t explain why Mrs. Clinton might “do better”, although considering her performance as secretary of state, he should have.

Paul isn’t likely to worry about Graham’s remarks. The Kentucky senator is long familiar with negative politics from his own side of the aisle because of his father’s career. Ironically, Rep. Ron Paul was often ridiculed by party insiders. Yet predictions Rep. Paul made concerning foreign policy and the US economy have manifested.

Sen. Paul launched a video painting himself as “buy modafinil singapore” His new slogan trended on Twitter on Monday morning after his account sent out a new message [@SenRandPaul]:

“Join with us to defeat the Washington machine & unleash the American dream>> buy modafinil paypal

Some on social media suggested the slogan be truncated to simply “Unleash the American dream.”

However, defeating the “Washington machine” is key to his candidacy.

Fact is Paul has long been a “different kind of Republican” owing to that small ‘l’ libertarian streak. He is no fan of the war on drugs, holding ideas about criminal justice reform that include not jailing non-violent offenders when it comes to substances like marijuana and halting the practice of applying foreign laws to US citizens via the poorly conceived Lacey Act amendments.

For Paul, the starting point for law seems to be the US Constitution, and any president holding to that standard would be a welcome break from those who view the presidency more like a monarchy.

Paul has also made it a point to address minority groups ignored by many Republican candidates. An overview of his past positions on issues is posted with links at buy modafinil europe, and an assessment of those positions drives home the notion he does have ideas that will distinguish him from other Republicans vying for their party’s nomination.

Ben Domenech talked with Paul just ahead of the announcement and provided one of the most original assessments of Paul’s stance on issues like ISIS, tax reform, and states’ rights.  Paul spoke with Domenech for thebuy modafinil uk paypal.

Various legacy newspapers ran articles, with most choosing to use homogenized content from a wire service.

ABC News provided anbuy modafinil nz, with bio notes and background, including resume briefs:

“Paul is an ophthalmologist, or a physician who specializes in medical and surgical needs of the eye. He has worked at clinics in southwest Kentucky, specializing in eye surgery, and helps to run a free clinic for his poor neighbors…In Paul’s first campaign with his own name on the ballot, running for Senate in Kentucky in 2010, he toppled the establishment-favored choice in the GOP primary by an almost 2-to-1 margin and went on to win the general election by 12 percentage points.”

For Paul, the greatest challenge may be Democrats’ reset on the US relationship with Israel. In the past, Paul proposed a halt to all foreign aid in the budget, and that would have naturally included Israel.  Fact is,  foreign aid is sprinkled throughout so many agency budgets and grants, you’d be hard pressed to even come up with a true figure. Paul has since adjusted his stance on Israel, confirming that country as an important ally and taking a dim view of the United Nations. His view on the UN will resonate with the GOP base.

buy modafinil with bitcoin, a publication best described as a forum for libertarian values, examined Paul’s libertarian streak, declaring the senator “the most interesting GOP candidate for president.” Paul’s challenge will be reconciling his libertarian streak with the GOP base, although the challenge will be less daunting than many believe because the GOP base is not as single-minded as media proclaim.

One Paul asset will be his appeal to youth who are engaged and who are likely to vote. He may even bring some minority votes into the GOP because of his engagement with various communities and because of minority dissatisfaction with current Democrats in power.

Paul is polling in the buy modafinil canada reddit, with Gov. Scott Walker and former Gov. Jeb Bush tied for first place, according to Real Clear Politics.

The Republican field remains fluid, while the Democrats’ field is pretty much narrowed to Mrs. Clinton. That is why Paul will continue to reach out to various sectors in the GOP base and do what every Republican must do to prepare for 2016—persuade voters that Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office would be an epic disaster for the country.

(Featured Image: from video)


Buy modafinil uk forum, Modafinil south africa price

Kay B. Day is a freelance writer who has published in national and international magazines and websites. The author of 3 books, her work is anthologized in textbooks and collections. She has won awards for poetry, nonfiction and fiction. Day is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.
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