Iran leader goes Sharpton; Possible terrorist gains from deal ignored

Iran’s top leader has gone Sharpton even as the Obama administration aggressively pursues a deal with the country whose potential terrorist gains from the deal and a pipeline are downplayed by the United States government and media.

Sound convoluted? Welcome to our ‘Naïve New World.’ 

As some US cities struggle with politically driven racial issues, law enforcement tactics, and failed government policies, Iran has taken note. Ali Khamenei, the cleric who is the supreme leader of The Islamic Republic of Iran, seized opportunity on May 2 with a video address. Khamenei went Sharpton with a piece of propaganda so boring it appeared to send his audience made up of some type of law enforcement officials or military into a stupor.

Khamenei eagerly exploited the organized anger pervading cities like Baltimore, and it’s truly a miracle his words didn’t explode the glass house he spoke in. The cleric said that in America:

“[T]he police is [sic] very powerful. They show muscle-bound people on camera who work as police officers and who arrest the people in the middle of the arena. Well, they are powerful, but they kill the innocent. For example, they kill a person by shooting 15, 16 bullets at him with the excuse that he wanted to draw a gun. This power is not an ideal power because it is accompanied by oppression.”

Iran’s top theocrat also noted that “many crimes are committed against blacks” even though the US has a black president. The cleric overlooked the fact most crimes in America are same-race crimes whether whites, blacks, or others commit them, and most aren’t committed by law enforcement officers. But facts would get in the way of a special effort to further divide our vulnerable country already divided by opportunists who are racialism entrepreneurs, ambitious politicians, or propagandists who call themselves news presenters and pundits.

Khamenei’s whole address and the video are online, but we should not ignore outright propaganda from the leader of a country poised to derive great benefits from the US president’s efforts.


Few Americans are aware that any deal we strike, including relieving sanctions, will benefit a group the government perceives as terrorists. Even President Obama’s Treas. Sec. Jack Lew acknowledged this, albeit quietly. Independent Journal Review reported remarks by Lew at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s 30th Anniversary Gala last week [emphasis added]:

“But it’s important to note that the connection between nuclear sanctions relief and Iran’s other malign activities is complicated, and most of the money Iran receives from sanctions relief will not be used to support those activities.”

Lew could have been forthright. He could have simply told the truth in a clearer manner. Some of the money Iran receives will support terrorists’ activities.

Bloomberg also summed up more remarks by Lew at the same event, and consequences that could be harmful to the US [emphasis added]:

“Lew said the sanctions on one specific part of the Iranian regime, the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, will stay in place. Treasury considers it linked to terrorism…Lew didn’t say anything about the rest of the Revolutionary Guard, which is sanctioned for both proliferation and human rights violations and controls as much of a third of the Iranian economy through shell companies in mining, banking and oil. It stands accused of directing huge amounts of illicit activity around the region.”

Conservatives also reported on this. Jonathan S. Tobin, writing at Commentary, said [emphasis added]:

“[T]he administration is drawing a broad distinction between branches of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the regime’s terror sponsor as well as an economic powerhouse. Lew promised that the U.S. would rightly hold the IRGC’s Quds Force responsible for its terrorist actions and keep sanctions in place on them. But the rest of the IRGC’s vast infrastructure will be exempt from sanctions after the deal is implemented. Such a distinction will enable Tehran to go on funding terrorism through the IRGC’s vast holdings that amount to a third of the Iranian economy.”

We should now accept that terrorists will benefit from any deal and or taxpayer-tendered funds the theocrats receive. After all, the reportage is tri-partisan.


There is an overriding question no media are asking. Will the Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force be able to benefit from any investment Iran might make in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline?

The Obama Administration certainly knows this, and apparently has no qualms about fossil fuels benefiting the Iranian regime despite the fact Obama has obsessively blocked the Keystone XL pipeline that would benefit the US economy.

The folks at The Iran Project acknowledged potential for Iran’s investment if sanctions are lifted. The TIP website published a story about it:

“The stakeholders in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project will be willing to pave the way for Iran’s investment in the project when international sanctions against the country are removed, an official says.

‘TAP is open to new shareholders, which can add strategic value to the project,’ Lisa Givert, TAP’s communication head, told reporters in the Azeri capital, Baku.

According to Azerbaijan’s Trend news agency, she made the remarks when commenting on Iran’s possible interest in acquiring a share in TAP project following the removal of sanctions imposed on the country over its nuclear program.”

I wrote about the pipeline benefits for Iran in a recent column.

As hundreds of small businesses were torched and looted in Baltimore, many of us wondered about various interests who might be fanning flames of a protest that descended into total anarchy. On May 4, top cleric Khamenei [@khamenei_ir] tweeted, “US Police kill and oppress innocent people.”

On the subject of oppression, left of center group Human Rights Watch included a brief on Iran’s record on human rights, admitting that numbers for executions can’t even be documented. There’s this snippet illustrating a real war not just on women, but girls:

“Iranian law allows capital punishment for persons who have reached puberty, defined as 9 for girls and 15 for boys.”

Stoning remains the method of execution for one crime deemed heinous in Iran—adultery.

In January, GOP presidential contender Sen. Marco Rubio attempted to inform Americans about a central tenet of Iran’s constitution. That binding document declared:

“With due attention to the Islamic content of the Iranian Revolution, the Constitution provides the necessary basis for ensuring the continuation of the Revolution at home and abroad.”

This is the government Democrats controlling foreign policy for the US government aim to strengthen.

(Analysis by Kay B. Day/May 5, 2015)

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