After crime hearing honoring victims, USCIS stats should be questioned

Families of victims slain by foreign nationals in the US illegally testified on Tuesday at a Senate hearing where testimony was also given by Citizenship and Immigration Services director Leon Rodriguez.

Rodriguez cited some statistics that should be questioned.

The bureaucrat’s testimony came after the victims’ families spoke. 


Laura Wilkerson recounted her 18 year old son Joshua’s death. Joshua had given the killer a ride home. The killer, Hermilo V. Moralez, is part of the ‘DREAM’ population Obama provided amnesty for with a stroke of his pen. Mrs. Wilkerson explained how Moralez expressed no remorse and at his trial, bragged about his “killing skills.” Wilkerson continued:

“He said that he first hit Josh in the face, so that he would not be able to fight back. He then kneed him in his stomach. We listened to him say that he was frustrated that Josh still had bloody bubbles coming out of his nose. He picked up a closet rod and beat Josh so severely on the head that the rod broke into 4 pieces. He strangled him over and over. He waited, Joshua died. Per the Medical Examiner he tortured him. He tied Joshua up like an animal. He cleaned up the scene, put Josh in our truck and went to the store to buy gasoline. He put Josh in a field. He put his school lD next to Josh’s body, doused him with the gas and set him on fire. After that the killer went to a friend’s house, took a shower, and went to see a movie. He laughed. He had popcorn and a coke.”

Ten days before Moralez killed Joshua, the murderer had been before a judge for harassment.

Some brutal crimes have received attention from new media. Legacy media shun stories about Americans killed by foreign nationals.

For instance, Jamiel Shaw, whose family has worked tirelessly to get the federal government to do something about criminals who are not bound by the laws American citizens, legal immigrants, and guest workers must comply with, received scant attention from national establishment media after he was murdered by a gang member for no reason at all. Jamiel didn’t know his murderer and he was not in a gang—he was a football standout with a bright future. His life was cut down as he walked home in his own neighborhood. As with the Wilkerson family’s experience, at trial Jamiel’s murderer disrespected the family of his victim.

Immigration expert Mark Krikorian posted on Twitter about reactions from some senators:

“Schumer & Durbin refused to listen to families of victims of illegal-alien crime at Senate hearing; wouldn’t reenter room til families left.”

Chuck Schumer (NY) and Dick Durbin (ILL) are both Democrats in the US Senate, dinosaurs who are powerful members of a once great deliberative body. Schumer has long influenced policy on foreign nationals and he should be held responsible for ongoing policy affecting law enforcement, de facto open borders, and outright deception the US government has practiced for decades.


Rodriguez’s testimony followed statements by the victims’ families, and some numbers the ICE director provided warrant a much closer examination.

Rodriguez responded to a question by Oklahoma Sen. Chuck Grassley (R). National Journal reported [Emphasis Added]:

“Grassley also asked Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez about the apparent granting of deferred action to undocumented immigrants associated with criminal organizations. ‘There was some action to correct and counsel individuals,’ Rodriguez said. ‘We have undertaken extensive efforts … to exclude gang members. We have run the entire population of recipients through a database to identify instances where gang membership was not handled appropriately by our officers.’

Rodriguez added that out of 600,000 to 700,000 recipients, there were about 20 cases of gang membership. Eight of those, he said, would no longer benefit from deferred action. ‘The others have been turned over to ICE for appropriate handling, and several others continue to be adjudicated,’ he said.”

Only 20 cases of gang membership out of a pool of more than 600,000 DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals]? What does correct and counsel mean? Are there more gang members who are targeted for some sort of intervention? Rodriguez’s statement should be carefully examined considering his choice of words, a typical practice of bureaucrats to obstruct truth.

Consider this. In April, a law enforcement operation Project Wildfire targeted criminal gangs. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security participated. In a pool of 1,000 gang members, 199 were foreign nationals. Of that number, Fox News Memphis reported, “151 were gang members and gang associates.”

Note Rodriguez didn’t mention “gang associates.” The gang members busted in Wildfire were affiliated with violent criminal operations, many of them comprising foreign nationals.

ICE announced Project Wildfire with fanfare, possibly to dilute Americans’ anger at images of people coming across the border with no regard for US law. Mostly young adults made up the population and the Obama administration veiled information about the population in secrecy. US taxpayers covered medical costs, food and shelter, and any other expenses foreign nationals created.

ICE said those arrested in Wildfire came “from 18 countries in South and Central America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.” In a twist that further undermines Rodriguez’s claims, ICE also announced [emphasis added]:

“HSI [Homeland Security Investigation] agents also arrested – or assisted in the arrest – of 231 other individuals on federal and/or state criminal violations and administrative immigration violations, for a total of 1,207 arrests. Of the total 1,207 arrested, 1,057 were males and 150 were females.”

No dollar amount for the huge amount of resources needed for the operation was given by ICE.


The US government continues to ignore criminals who are imported even as federal law enforcement interest in US citizens, immigrants, and guest workers expands.

Also in April, then-Immigration and Customs Enforcement director Sarah Saldana disclosed information that outraged Americans as many congressmen yawned. The Washington Times carried a story many in legacy media buried:

“The 30,558 criminal aliens released [by the Obama Administration] into the community by ICE in 2014 had amassed 250 homicide convictions, 186 kidnappings and 373 sexual assaults, according to agency statistics put into the official records of the House Judiciary Committee.” 

Media are reporting Republican presidential contender Donald Trump will go to the Texas-Mexico border “to get a firsthand look at the current border security situation.”

The families’ testimony was gut-wrenching. An empty seat at the dinner table is part of these families’ lives forever, something not one of the congressmen who refused to listen to their testimony cared about.

It is appalling that two powerful Democrat senators, one presumably the next “leader” for his party in the Senate, did not have the decency to listen to the victims’ families. After all, both men, along with a number of their colleagues in Congress and presidents past and present, played a direct role in the tragedies. Major actors in the sanctuary cities policy are the ethnicity opportunist groups, some of whom have received federal funding. Certain corporate lobbyists also bear responsibility.

In August, 2014, Republicans attempted to pass a bill that would have addressed border security and other matters. Democrats obstructed the bill. When government officials, including our president, say Congress has not tried to address these issues, they are not being truthful.

When media feature so-called “Dreamers” in an effort to persuade Americans to accept progressive positions on open borders and amnesty, not one reporter in the history of the world has asked a simple question of these straw men and women—why did your parents choose to break federal law and bring you here without complying?

For information about thousands whose lives have been impacted by crime by foreign nationals, visit The Remembrance Project.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 22, 2015)

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