Is there a candidate on either side who will reform our ‘Bloatacracy’?

Candidates on both sides of the aisle talk up China’s economy, “anchor babies,” ISIS, and what politicians mistakenly label “education.” Missing from the discussions is a critical issue. The federal bureaucracy is not only corrupt, bloated, and inefficient. Some agencies have become weapons for political movements. Is there a government reformer on either side of the aisle in the presidential contenders’ pool?

There should be. Who is the candidate able to deal with a runaway ‘bloatacracy’?

The Environmental Protection Agency’s latest screwup sent millions of gallons of contaminated water into rivers in three different states.  Bear in mind this is the same agency intent on turning that big puddle forming in your backyard after a heavy rain into a regulated waterway. This is the agency whose bureaucrats in overdrive will see to it you pay more for electricity.

You won’t find much about EPA corruption in status quo media. You will find much about it in alternative and indie media. The agency has something in common with the Clintons—an unwillingness to abide by rules when it comes to government information.

Another mega-agency, the US Dept. of Education, spends billions of taxpayer dollars each year to deliver mediocre results. The department was created by a president eager to reward one of his most loyal governors.

Anytime an agency dispenses billions of taxpayer dollars, you can bet on fraud. The Office of Inspector General for the Dept. of Education routinely turns up fraud like bid rigging on school bus contracts, cheating (standardized tests), nonprofit organization fraud of government agencies, student loan fraud, and bribing contractors.

The very creation of a federal agency to shape education is questionable because powers over education rightly remain with the states. Some politicians have aimed to shut the department down, but none have put their actions where their mouths are on the stump. You could cut the Dept. of Education budget in half, block grant the rest to the states, and get far more bang for your buck than we do now. At present, the DOE is nothing more than a crony mill putting dollars into the pockets of companies and individuals who come up with a product or consulting package to sell the government.

Next up, courtesy of our labyrinthine tax code designed to benefit special interests, the agency of force for gathering those taxpayer dollars is the Internal Revenue Service. IRS has been weaponized to target people and groups because of their politics. If you become ensnared in a dispute with this agency, you have little hope. You know things are bad when a president’s Secretary of the Treasury claims he doesn’t understand tax regulations. You know things are worse when he gets confirmed as Treasury head after his tax issues come to light. Like so many others serving the Obama administration, Geithner also worked for former president Bill Clinton’s administration.

You could fill a big fat book with stories of fraud and corruption related to agencies in charge of our uncontrolled migration (politicos call it “immigration”), health insurance dollars paid out for foreign nationals in the US illegally, and law enforcement arms in agencies targeting US businesses purely for political reasons as in the horrendous offense committed against Gibson Guitars.

The federal government misspends more than $120 billion taxpayer dollars each year, labeling the failure as “improper payments.” A sizable amount of the dangerously large US debt—not to be confused with the annual deficit—could be erased if the federal bureaucracy is reformed and restored to its proper, constitutional role.

No one enabled the growth of government more than the late president John F. Kennedy who signed an executive order enabling federal workers to unionize. Naturally that action helped create the expanded “bloatacracy” we deal with today, and the taxpayer has no real representative in that bargaining process. Bureaucrats do not hesitate to use government powers as a weapon to advance their ideology.

Nothing is more critical to the wealth and liberty of our republic than reforming a federal bureaucracy that has so drastically exceeded legitimate bounds defined in the US Constitution.

Meanwhile, where is the candidate on either side talking about that vulnerability? The federal bureaucracy is the biggest “too-big-to-fail” entity on the face of the planet.

Who will reform the rogue ‘bloatacracy’? Where is that candidate?

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 25, 2015)

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  1. MarlaHughes says:

    That’s been Rick Perry’s plan since 2012. He forgot the name of one of the agencies he wants to eliminate but I think we can get past that.

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