Why do media presenters like Chuck Todd dodge critical questions about faith?

Noor Zaheer

Noor Zaheer, a distinguished author from India, has penned an analysis of women’s rights in Islam, ‘Denied by Allah’ (Vitasta Publishing)

Are media presenters like Chuck Todd (NBC) obsessed with
but uninformed about Islam and faith in general?

Todd recently asked top tier GOP presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson a series of questions about  Islam.

I’d have rather Todd asked Carson if it is appropriate for any world religious leader to address Congress directly in an attempt to influence legislation, specifically taxation that will be a consequence if the anti-carbon camp embraced by the Catholic pope has its way. But the pope wasn’t on Todd’s agenda.

Islam was the topic at hand. 

Todd seems unaware there is a potential clash between the US First Amendment to the Constitution and Islam. Muslims are in many countries bound by laws prohibiting defamation of religion.

President Barack Obama appeared to appreciate such laws when he perp-walked an amateur filmmaker to prison, falling in line with Democrats’ 2016 frontrunner Hillary Clinton by falsely blaming the Coptic Christian for attacks on US properties in Benghazi, Libya. It took years for the truth about those attacks to be disclosed to the public, and we still don’t have all the facts in hand yet.

Early on, Obama acquiesced to resolutions against defamation of faith, by seeking a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council. Obama was the first president to do this. As Obama sought the seat, the UN members were busy passing Resolution 7/19, just to make sure no one overtly criticized or defamed “faith”. Only one faith, Islam, was mentioned in that resolution aimed at condemning the “growing trend of Islamophobia.”

Anyone practicing Islam in any form is keenly aware of blasphemy and defamation laws. After all, there are 46 countries with majority Muslim populations and 23 of those countries declare Islam the state religion.

While Obama has paid lip service to ensuring the right to freedom of thought and expression, at times his actions have been at odds with the same. Having criticized traditionalists who “cling to their guns and religion, the president appeared unaware he himself had indirectly criticized both the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment to the document that is the “supreme law of the land.”

Regarding Islam, there are also significant implications for women. Few if any US media covered a groundbreaking book written by a well-known author in India. She is Muslim. There are key differences between male and female rights when it comes to marriage and divorce. There are even bigger differences between the genders when it comes to inheritance rights—the United Kingdom has struggled to work those differences into laws there. Author Noor Zaheer touches on all of these matters in her informative work, Denied by Allah.

Chuck Todd has long been viewed by observers like me as allied with Democrats. His wife has worked on many campaigns for Democrats.

Dr. Carson answered a banal, useless question honestly. Todd, on the other hand, was simply trolling in hopes of drawing eyeballs to his own brand.

Once again, pop-politics media proved too uninformed to ask questions that might deliver substance. Todd’s line of questioning was an insult to a brilliant man who has saved thousands of lives. Will Democrat contenders like Mrs. Clinton or Bernie Sanders be asked gotcha questions? Don’t hold your breath, but remember one thing.

In 2001, when by all accounts as the 9/11 Commission Report noted, the system was “blinking red”, government-allied media dismissed the potential for Osama bin Laden to damage the US homeland.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Sept. 21, 2015)

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