Pelley errs: All candidates, including Sanders, deserve Trump treatment

Clinton and Sanders

2016 Democrat frontrunners Hillary Clinton (left) and Sen. Bernie Sanders. (Snip from video: David Pakman show [])

Politics never will make common sense, and an interview CBS’ Scott Pelley conducted with Democrats’ hopeful presidential contender Bernie Sanders is a perfect example of my maxim.

If you measure the interview on Sept. 27 [Face the Nation] and interviews with Democrats in general against the yardstick applied to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, Pelley comes up way short.

Fact is, all candidates, including Sanders, deserve the Trump treatment, but that isn’t happening. 

Pelley and other pundits routinely pepper not only Trump but other Republicans with demands for specifics, including questions posed with wide eyes in response to candidates’ answers.  But how will you do it?

Never mind few asked President Barack Obama questions about specifics when he was campaigning, and when they did, the president’s responses did not match his actions post-election.

As Pelley quizzed Sanders, the pundit’s demeanor seemed the same as you’d display towards a favorite addled senior citizen in your family. After permitting Sanders to cast those in Congress who disagree with the current unconstitutional big federal government model as the “extreme, extreme right wing,” Pelley actually brought up the Koch brothers, businessmen who fund not only philanthropic interests but political interests. Pelley never once mentioned big Democrat donors like George Soros or  climate change profiteer Tom Steyer.

Sanders bashed the Kochs and then he said something completely outrageous:

“The power of money over the political process is horrendous.”

The self-declared socialist Democrat then added, “Super PACs are playing a very very destructive role.”

And Sanders then pledged to overturn the Citizens United court decision protecting the 1st Amendment rights of corporations.

Pelley didn’t bat an eye. Nor did Pelley ask Sanders why it’s bad for small government proponents to receive funding from supporters but good for socialists like Sanders to rake in the dough from his own supporter PACs.

Sanders, over his career, has benefited from $1,605,571 from big labor PACs, and if by some miracle, he wins his party’s nomination, you can betcha there will be PAC money galore rolled into efforts to keep a Republican out of the White House.

For the not so brightly witted, let me explain. Big Labor is a business interest, and there’d be a universal leftist outcry if you demanded big labor remove all its dollars from campaigns for Democrats.

Pelley moved on to the fact Sanders is “promising free healthcare for all and free college.”

Sanders confirmed that position, saying “public colleges and universities should be tuition free.” And then he did what socialists always do. He brought up a European country, specifically Germany. If Germany does it, why don’t we?

Pelley never asked his interview subject to compare Germany to the USA. For starters, our population is far larger. The CIA World Fact Book listed population figures as of July 2015, with Germany at 80,854,408 and the USA as 321,368,864. Big difference.

Pelley never asked about a major slice of what politicos define as the American Dream. Home ownership. Germany is 2nd from bottom globally in the percentage of those who own their own homes: 43 percent. In the USA, despite a meltdown indisputably caused by progressive policies and influence, 64.0 percent of our population manages to own a home.

Germany also has one of the world’s highest income tax rates, even if you use figures from a left of center tax organization. The USA will, of course, catch up as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Tax Act (Obamacare) grows its ugly head in numerous directions over the next decade. Our debt is unsustainable.

The greatest omission of all by Pelley involved the roles of national socialism in debt ahead of World War II. Germany’s people paid a price for a tyrant’s welfare ideology and they also paid a price for war. Not a single question was asked of Sanders, even after he brought up Germany, about the freebies Adolf Hitler doled out in order to gradually seize control of his country and the disaster that followed. When a country incurs unsustainable debt, the lenders eventually come knocking at the door.

Judging a number of our foreign policy decisions, there is no doubt in my mind our debt has already influenced some of the more questionable decisions by both Congress and this president.

All candidates should be asked hard questions, and Sanders is no exception. Right now he’s getting love taps in part because no one actually believes he can pry Democrats’ nomination from the Clinton dynasty.

Pelley, however, should be viewed through a pragmatic lens, and those watching him should recognize that when it comes to left of center extremists like Sanders, sympathizing pundits will indeed go gently into that good blight.

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Source/Interview: Scott Pelley interview with Bernie Sanders, Sept. 27, 2015

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Sept. 28, 2015)

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