Way past time for talented cartoonist’s work to receive formal award

A. F. Branco 'You Lost'

A. F. Branco’s take on Putin’s ascendance to global leadership. (Cartoon from LegalInsurrection.com)

If you haven’t checked out the work of talented cartoonist A. F. Branco, you should. Capitalizing creatively on breaking news of the day, Branco blends humor and truth in works that, in a meritocracy, would have won him a big fat award already. Alas, the top brand awards are usually directed to one side of the political aisle.

Most official ‘journalism’ awards nowadays go to people whose work is approved by status quo media primarily serving government instead of acting as the watchdogs they pretend to be.

The cartoon shown here, titled ‘You Lost’, is but one of many examples of his work posted at the site Legal Insurrection and in other diverse media I usually simply call “the opposition.”  

A. F. Branco

Cartoonist A. F. Branco. (Photo: ComicallyIncorrect.com)

The great failure of organizations and media who aren’t part of the so-called establishment is lack of recognition for the many writers and artists who work, often for peanuts, in an effort to save what is left of our remarkable republic. Where is the system for recognizing the work of those who go against the herd mentality dominating so much of media and the arts?

Note, this is not self-serving. I already have a wall of awards—for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Most of them came with a monetary prize. But I earned most of those before I felt free to write politics.

As my freelance career progressed, I knew to keep my politics to myself. Most going publicly against the grain would simply not find work absent requirements including these: (1) Be a leftist or socialist and (2) Schmooze a political group or party for compensation.

After my children were grown and educated, and my incredible husband succeeded as I knew he would even when we were young and living penny to penny, I decided I was free to speak my mind.

When it comes to media and arts, the left and the associated Democrats’ party have the opposition out-dollared and out-gunned by a country mile. That side of the aisle controls the vast majority of (inappropriate) government funding and it attracts generous private funding. Note my use of the word inappropriate relates to the fact the federal government has no business funding any art other than legitimate public art.

Bad poetry, eminently forgettable fiction, and lousy visual art does not warrant federal funding.

Until we in the opposition acknowledge the significance of messaging and communication, it will remain that way. We are no match for the political messaging mastered long ago by big government proponents.

You can learn more about A. F. Branco by visiting Legal Insurrection, Comically Incorrect,  and by liking his public Facebook page.

If you read conservative, libertarian, or conservatarian sites like Day on the Day, you likely will bump into his fine work.

A prize, I say. Give this man a prize. It’s way past due.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 1, 2015)

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