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Presidential hopefuls are targeting Florida by way of Puerto Rico and Hillary Clinton is no exception. The thinking goes that winning support in the US territory of Puerto Rico will give a candidate an edge with Florida voters. Why? 

Many people fleeing the disastrous economy in Puerto Rico head to Florida, so many in fact that a new nickname for Central Florida is Little Puerto Rico.” Family ties tend to impact political decisions.  Florida is so important, according to pundits, that is probably one reason some Republican candidates are speaking in Spanish at opportune moments although English remains the dominant language in the United States.

Take note this is not an immigration matter as some politicos falsely cast it. Puerto Ricans were granted US citizenship in 1917, one reason many view rhetoric by the likes of Democrat congressman Luis Gutierriez of Illinois as pure politics. Casting himself as a ‘Dreamer’ type is overkill, to say the least. While Puerto Ricans do pay into programs like social security, earning entitlement for what they have coughed up to the feds, they pay no federal income taxes except in certain circumstances. That is a sweet deal.

Sunshine State as Prize

Florida is an icon for any politician running for president, and both parties focus on the state by necessity. In 2014, major efforts by Democrats to win key seats failed. Dems lost the race for governor despite the fact supporters of Charlie Crist succeeded in getting a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot. It failed too.

Mrs. Clinton has one of Crist’s big donors in her pantsuit pocket—the law firm Morgan and Morgan. Thus far, employees associated with that Florida firm are her biggest direct donors. According to the Center for Responsive Politics (Open Secrets), as of  July 21, 2015, more than $270,000 in funds came to Clinton via Morgan and Morgan. Tampa area attorneys associated with that firm were very generous, sending Mrs. Clinton “a combined $66,700” by the end of July.

No one worked harder in an attempt to elect Crist, who has at various times been a Republican, a No-Party-Affiliate, and a Democrat than John Morgan. Media reported 58 percent of Florida voters did support the marijuana initiative*. But placing it on the ballot did not help Crist, and Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, won reelection.

Even ‘climate change’ profiteer Tom Steyer’s money could not secure a win for the Democrats in Florida.

Democrats tried the same tactic in the 2015 mayoral race in Jacksonville where former Clinton staffer Alvin Brown sought reelection. That effort failed, and Republican businessman Lenny Curry won. You can bet Mrs. Clinton bemoaned the outcome of that race held in the largest city in land area in the contiguous United States.

Mrs. Clinton’s Record

Mrs. Clinton will need to take Florida to win the presidency if she is as expected her party’s nominee, but her work will be daunting.

She is currently attacking Republicans for the investigation of her actions regarding Benghazi, Libya. What Clinton does not admit is that she completely fabricated reasons for attacks on US interests there, and President Barack Obama perp-walked a Coptic Christian who made a very poor amateur film satirizing Islam. Both Clinton and Obama blamed an innocent man, not only endangering his life, but creating a web of deception that lasts until this day.

Had it not been for the Benghazi investigation, Americans would not have known the secretary of state kept her email on a private server, potentially endangering national security. Clinton cannot build any reasonable argument for what she did and she knows it. That of course may not matter to Democrat loyalists, but Americans take a dim view of a politician who deceives families who have lost loved ones as they served their country.

If that’s not bad enough, the First Amendment to the US Constitution was thoroughly trashed. That amendment remains a target of the left to this day.

Furthermore, lying about the cause of the Benghazi attacks—the government knew it was terrorism shortly after the attacks were launched—further damaged the US image abroad. The United Nations also jumped aboard attacks on the filmmaker. US media aligned with leftists still refuse to acknowledge these matters.

Fallout from leftist government policies

Will family ties between Puerto Rico and Floridians hand Mrs. Clinton the Sunshine State in 2016? There’s no way to tell, but leftist governance has left the territory in a mess. One Moody’s analyst said, “Puerto Rico’s problems result from years of government overspending, high energy costs and dependence on debt.”

Such leftist governance not only for Puerto Rico, but also for the United States, like that in countries like Mexico, Venezuela, and Cuba, gives substance to the failure of socialism because ultimately, resources are exhausted just as they were with certain socialist principles of tyrants like Germany’s Adolf Hitler.

Free vacations sound great until the bill comes due and producers have nothing more to hand over.

Does that sound like overkill? It is not. At present Republicans are doing a very lousy job of explaining why our national debt and giveaway policies are so dangerous. Bear in mind words from a speech to Germans in 1938 praising Hitler:

“The well-earned pay envelope has replaced the demeaning dole. Short hours today do not reduce income. Countless workers have risen from the ranks of the lowest paid to well paid craftsmen. Workers and employees, but also the entire German people, including farmers, businessmen, craftsmen and industrial workers, all of us five years ago were unsure if our income would be enough for our daily needs. We thank the Führer today for guaranteeing our income! The national income in 1932 was 45.2 billion marks. It has grown steadily since then, reaching a level of 68 billion marks in 1937. The entire national income has increased by about 23 billion marks, almost as high as the total of 26 billion marks in wages from 1932. In 1937, wages were 38 billion marks. The income of the German worker has risen by 70%.”

Within a decade, Germany was in ruins. The war itself was in no small way a product of Germany’s debt from World War I.

As Republicans attempt to win the hearts of voters whose ancestry includes various dialects of Spanish, it would be a good thing to remind those who vote purely based on ethnicity that when Venezuela’s ‘21st century socialism’ fell with a thud, two Republicans were first out of the gate in an attempt to raise awareness of the foreign policy mess. They were Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), and Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R).

Mrs. Clinton has a political pedigree largely attributable to her charismatic husband. She has no qualifications for running a country as large as the United States, and the disasters she created as secretary of state should lead her to be banned from government service for the rest of her life.

Yet Florida hangs in the balance and Mrs. Clinton will have sizable automatic support here in my adopted state. That represents a major battle for 2016 as Americans decide whether the fate of our country will be more years of hopelessness, theatrics, and rhetoric amid global wars coupled with leftist spending policies that threaten our homeland.

*Disclosure: I voted for the medical marijuana initiative; I actually, like conservative icon Bill Buckley, support full legalization. However, like a number of other Republicans supporting the initiative, I also voted for Rick Scott for governor.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 6, 2015)

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