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President Bill Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 funding opposition to Saddam Hussein with $8 million US tax dollars. The Act included intent to “eliminate Iraq’s prohibited weapons and missile programs and economic sanctions that continue to deny the regime the means to reconstitute those threats to international peace and security.” (Snip: The American Presidency Project)

The Democrat base and friendly media are savoring Hillary Clinton’s performance in the first leftist debate in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Sen. Marco Rubio, contender for the Republican nomination for president, reacted to what keen political observers knew was a sham performance and deception on Mrs. Clinton’s part.

Never has the word No, carried so much meaning missed by so many. That single word will likely haunt Mrs. Clinton in campaign ads to come. 

Rubio talked with Fox and Friends on Wednesday morning, asking a question every voter should ask about the second in the powerful Clinton brand to seek the presidency:

“Can we trust her?”

The answer is obvious, and it has been echoed by none other than friendly media such as the Associated Press and National Journal.

Rubio responded to a question about Sen. Bernie Sanders’ defense of Mrs. Clinton regarding her improper handling of emails when she was President Barack Obama’s secretary of state. Sanders delivered a fine theatrical performance, rasping:

“The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.”

The loyalist audience loved that moment, and as I write this, numerous leftist pundits are celebrating the defense of Democrats’ likely frontrunner by an independent senator who is competing with Mrs. Clinton as a self-declared socialist who caucuses with Dems.

Rubio said,

“They may not care about it, but the people in this country do because it goes right to the issue of credibility. First of all, it’s pretty clear that what she told us and what happened are two very different things. Second, it goes to the issue of competency. These emails by the secretary of state were the prime target for foreign intelligence agencies. As soon as the news came out that she was using a private server, one of the first things I said was those emails were vulnerable to the Chinese, the North Koreans, Iran…the Russians, and of course, now, we’re seeing reports that was the case. It shows she was both incompetent but quite frankly was not being truthful with the American people, playing games with words. ”

Rubio pointed out lack of security at US properties in Benghazi despite the fact the Obama administration knew how dangerous the area was.

There was a telling moment for Mrs. Clinton regarding Libya, but media have completely missed it too.

Despite Democrats’ perpetual obsession with President George W. Bush’s engagement with Iraq, not one media outlet has asked why it was wrong for Bush to follow buy modafinil online sun pharma on that country. After all, when he was president, Mr. Clinton had signed buy modafinil singaporeto oust Saddam Hussein, and the president also routinely participated in bombing that country.

Weigh what Mrs. Clinton now says about Muammar Gaddafi:

“We had a murderous dictator, Qaddafi, who had American blood on his hands, and the Libyan people had a free election.”

How, exactly, is that different from Saddam Hussein whobuy modafinil paypal

Mrs. Clinton also spoke glowingly of the “hope of the Arab Spring.” We know now how misplaced the starry-eyed praise of that phenomenon by both Democrats and friendly media was because it unglued the Mideast and North Africa. Thousands have died in the aftermath.

The CNN moderator either doesn’t remember these matters, or chose to avoid them.

As Rubio made remarks on Wednesday, he was asked about allegations he is perceived as the “greatest threat” to Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. Rubio, who often focuses on changes in the US as a buy modafinil europe, responded:

“I think the biggest threat to her candidacy is her outdated ideas. If you watched that debate last night, it looked like something from the early ‘80s. It was basically a liberal vs. liberal debate about who was going to give away the most free stuff. Free college education. Free college education for people illegally in this country. Free healthcare. Free everything. Their answer to every problem in America is a government program and a tax increase. That’s all they prescribed time and time again. This is stuff from the mid-80s.”

Rubio said the debate became exactly what he predicted—“a race to the left to see who could be the most radically liberal…the most big government.”

Rubio was asked if he is “prepared to go up against the machine.”

The US senator from Florida said:

“When you run for president, it’s a tough endeavor…I’m not only prepared for it. I’m motivated by it…I honestly think this country has only two ways forward. We either are going to have the greatest century in our history, or our children are going to be the first Americans to inherit a diminished country. We’re on the road to leaving them a diminished country right now…That’s why this election is a generational choice…I’m ready to do whatever it takes. Including confronting the Clinton forces.”

Rubio has faced a party machine before—his own. When he ran for the US Senate, GOP power brokers actively sought to disenfranchise him on behalf of a candidate who has now declared himself a Democrat. Rubio’s campaign maneuvered being down by double digits to a solid win. Rubio also bucked the GOP establishment to run for president.

Mrs. Clinton’s most celebrated moment in the debate was a two letter word. When asked if she wanted to respond to criticism of her email practices, she said, “No.”

There was a deceptive reason for that and it has been missed by every pundit on right and left.

The FBI is conducting what can realistically be described buy modafinil uk paypal. Anything she says could and would be held against her. 

A competent moderator would have asked Mrs. Clinton about the legal angles in her choosing to respond with No.

It is also likely Republican candidates will see gold in Mrs. Clinton’s No and put it to excellent use in campaign ads to come. With that two letter word, she delivered a gift to the GOP nominee.

Primary Source

Rubio interview on Fox and Friends
buy modafinil nz

Secondary Sources

Clinton server hack attempts came from China, Korea, Germany
buy modafinil with bitcoin

Unbeknownst to Clinton, IT firm had emails stored on cloud; now in FBI’s hands
buy modafinil canada reddit

Associated Press Fact Check of Clinton, Sanders
buy modafinil online india

Hillary Clinton…Front-runner’s performance was as good as it was dishonest.
buy modafinil amazon

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 14, 2015)

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Buy modafinil sun pharma uk, Buy modafinil nl

Kay B. Day is a freelance writer who has published in national and international magazines and websites. The author of 3 books, her work is anthologized in textbooks and collections. She has won awards for poetry, nonfiction and fiction. Day is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.
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