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Aftermath of the 9-11-12 attack on the U.S. Special Mission Compound in Benghazi (Libya). (Photo: FBI)

The Sunday talk show circuit, when it comes to the discussion of Benghazi, was politically divided just as our nation is. Democrats charge, as they have from the beginning, that the Select Committee on Benghazi targeted Hillary Clinton politically. Most Republicans disagree.

On Monday, three days before Mrs. Clinton testifies before the House Select Committee, the term ‘Under Clinton’ is trending on Twitter. Certain politicos appear to have amnesia when it comes to why Benghazi was politicized, and Mrs. Clinton’s practices as secretary of state. 

Tweets are replete with new information about Mrs. Clinton’s negligence regarding cybersecurity when she was secretary of state—not lack of security for her personal server where her official info was housed. Security for the State Department as a whole. The latest lapse was reported by a buy modafinil online sun pharma to the left side of the aisle.

Democrats may succeed in gaining sympathy from some friends in media when it comes to Mrs. Clinton and Benghazi, but her record on that matter has never been more important. As Democrats’ presumed presidential nominee, voters deserve the truth not only about her performance as secretary of state but about her party’s safeguarding of material and decisions on foreign policy.

What’s interesting is that many media normally pro-Clinton are now forced, perhaps to protect credibility, to report on her very strange practices as secretary of state.

At the heart of many of her recently surfaced emails is Sidney Blumenthal, politico extraordinaire who has served both Clintons for as long as I can remember. It was, after all, Blumenthal who sought to defend President Bill when the Monica Lewinsky scandal erupted. As noted accurately by conservative website Discover the Networks, Blumenthal “depicted President Clinton as ’the victim’ of both a predatory and sexually demanding young woman.”

President Obama refused to permit Mrs. Clinton to hire Blumenthal. Ever the creative power broker, buy modafinil singapore, and emails show she welcomed his advice on matters she attended to as sec. of state.

Democrats have, by necessity, politicized Benghazi beginning with the aftermath of the attacks on US interests there. Mrs. Clinton and President Barack Obama blamed an amateur filmmaker for insulting Islam’s major prophet. That claim was disproved.

Dems who participated in the investigation process also attempted to blame Republicans for budget cuts, asserting that caused lapses in security. Those allegations were disproved by Obama’s own agencies and by Mrs. Clinton’s Review Board as well as by her State Dept. employees. Lack of security at the Special Mission Compound could not be attributed to lack of funding for personnel or security. As a matter of fact, there was plenty of funding for the State Dept. to pay forbuy modafinil paypal

Benghazi is important because Americans died in the service of their country. But it is also important because events there shed light on a war the buy modafinil europe It is important to ask who benefited, who directed strategy there, and whether Mrs. Clinton was up to the task of doing her very important job.

After Benghazi, there were interesting developments. In November, 2012, shortly before Americans voted to reelect a Democrat for president, British Petroleum Company enthusiastically announced “17 new wells as part of its exploration program in Libya.” buy modafinil uk paypal in Libya; the company said future investments could be as much as $20 billion over the next two decades. Those pronouncements were covered by media abroad; pop culture media in the US ignored them.

There was a bizarre moment in terms of timing, when in 2012, Bill Clinton asked a question, one that might in a courtroom be construed as  a leading question,  at a buy modafinil nz:

“If the new president of Libya asked you to open a store in Tripoli, would you consider it?” Clinton asked Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke at the opening session of the Clinton Global Initiative.”

BP and Wal-Mart are listed as Clinton Foundation donors in an article at left of center Vox. That website reported “buy modafinil with bitcoin.”

Mrs. Clinton and her fellow Democrats have criticized Republicans for money spent on investigating Benghazi. However, her own buy modafinil canada reddit caused the process to be far more cumbersome than it should have been.

Mrs. Clinton has also contradicted herself. She told media she used only one device for emails. Then left of center The Washington Post and others reported her emails contain mention of her buy modafinil online india 

buy modafinil amazonmade what some might construe as an effort to defend her. Instead, it is further indictment:

“Clinton has said she viewed classified information in hard copy in her office. If she was traveling, she used other secure channels.

Even though the State Department has said the now-redacted emails were not classified at the time they were sent, Reuters and some others have questioned whether that’s accurate — primarily because 87 of them contain foreign government information. The State Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual (an employee rulebook) stipulates that foreign government information, if delivered in confidence, must be deemed classified.” 

As left of center buy modafinil abu dhabi wrote, “Yes, people really do go to jail for mishandling classified materials.”

Few media have quizzed the former secretary of state on exactly how she did communicate messages regarding classified materials. Where did she store and communicate classified materials?

Is Benghazi political? Of course it is. There is nothing in Washington that is not political, and there never has been.

The fact ‘Under Clinton‘ is trending on Twitter should remind Clinton’s fellow Democrat and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders that despite his declaration, many Americans do give a damn about those Clinton emails. Included in the tweets with that hashtag are predictable jokes about Mr. Clinton’s sexual inclinations.

It’s also useful to note that had the Obama Administration simply handed over requested materials early on, Benghazi would have, by now, been forgotten except by those grieving families whose loved ones died in a war-not-a-war the US engaged in despite no danger to the homeland.

Finally, it’s important to remember the greatest memory lapse on the parts of Democrats and media. The original target of the Benghazi investigation was President Obama’s administration because Libya was an engagement Obama did not seek the consent of Congress for. Mrs. Clinton was not, at that time, running for president.***

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Sidney Blumenthal backgrounder; Discover the Networks (Conservative Website)

In Print

Clinton Cash
The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich
By Peter Schweizer (Harper Collins, 2015)

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 19, 2015

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Kay B. Day is a freelance writer who has published in national and international magazines and websites. The author of 3 books, her work is anthologized in textbooks and collections. She has won awards for poetry, nonfiction and fiction. Day is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.
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