Cruz puts Delery on hot seat over 2nd Amendment in confirmation hearings

Cruz questions Delery

Sen. Ted Cruz fired questions at Delery during Senate confirmation hearings. (Snip: BizPac Review)

A retread from the tenure of former Attorney General Eric Holder is up for associate attorney general. During confirmation hearings, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) put Stuart Delery where he deserved to be—on the hot seat. 

Delery had a direct hand in Holder’s controversial Operation Chokepoint. That op was benignly described by> National Law Journal as an “investigation into predatory payday lending that encouraged banks to examine their ties to clients in industries with high risks of fraud and money laundering.”

In fact, Operation Chokepoint was one of several programs Holder initiated to target business sectors he didn’t approve of politically. Among the targets were sellers of firearms and ammunition. The program ended up delivering injustice to many who had done nothing wrong,  and it was another example, alongside buy propecia in malaysia targeting of businesses like Gibson Guitar, of political abuse of the justice system.

Courtesy of Operation Chokepoint, gun dealers who had broken no laws or even done anything suspicious lost access to their bank accounts.

One Miami businessman was told it was because of his “company’s line of business.” An established firearms manufacturer in Henderson, Nevada, experienced the same thing, as did others with solid credit histories and no criminal charges. Thousands of dealers doing business with the Nevada company lost access to their own accounts.

That this tactic could be used in America should have been roundly condemned. Media downplayed it.

Cruz said, “Chokepoint was about using government power to intimidate banks to cut off their money even though they [firearms dealers] weren’t violating the laws.” The policy, said Cruz, was “based on the antipathy of the Obama Justice Dept. to the exercise of the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms by American citizens.”

What makes the operation even more outrageous is the Justice Department’s involvement in the gun-walking operation known as ‘Fast and Furious.’ US Government agencies, including Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, watched straw purchasers buy guns to sell to criminal elements. The guns were not tracked. Dealers were told to cooperate or face regulatory repercussions.

Thousands of guns made their way into both the US homeland and across the southern border into Mexico. Had it not been for whistleblower John Dodson, an ATF agent, and the death of Customs and Border Protection agent Brian Terry, more innocents would have died.

Mexico’s officials didn’t know about the operation. Nor did the American public, even as Holder and others in the Obama Administration routinely delivered anti-gun rhetoric in speeches.

Not one reporter has asked Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton if she knew about Fast and Furious.

During the Wednesday hearing regarding Delery, Cruz said, “The Dept.of Justice should not be abusing its power.”

The American public still doesn’t have all the facts about Fast and Furious. President Obama refused to disclose full information.

We do know people will continue to die as a result of guns deliberately walked by federal agencies.

A film based on the book The Unarmed Truth by John Dodson is in the works at Lionsgate. Dodson wrote, “Nobody involved in the death of Brian Terry or potentially hundreds if not thousands of others was truly held accountable.” [pg. 279] Arizona US attorney Dennis Burke did resign his position after he finally confessed he leaked select documents in hopes of smearing the whistleblower.

Cruz has argued at least nine cases before the US Supreme Court, including cases defending US sovereignty. A top tier candidate in the GOP presidential field, in addition to proven debate skills, Cruz brings a major asset to the table—his understanding of international law.

Delery failed to provide satisfactory answers to questions from Cruz about Operation Chokepoint. This has been the standard with the Justice Dept. in this administration on a number of scandals including the IRS political targeting of government reform groups.

[Featured Photo: DOJ nominee for associate attorney general Stuart Delery gave less than satisfactory answers to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) during confirmation hearings on Wednesday. (Snip: Video at]

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 5, 2015)

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