Bernie Sanders sets himself aflame; WaPo kicked by donkey

The business of politics often makes you feel like you’re lost in a funhouse designed by someone missing half his marbles, so I can’t say I was surprised by an article in The Washington Post about Sen. Bernie Sander’s take on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

The article was written by the guy who covers the White House for WaPo. It wasn’t labeled ‘opinion’.  Although a key claim the writer made is delusional, the article has been memed throughout the blogosphere.

Sanders, if you recall, ‘donkeyed’ up, and like patriarchs of old, rode in to defend the little lady when he said:

 “I think the secretary is right, and that is that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails.”

Mrs. Clinton had responded to questions by moderator Anderson Cooper who wanted to know what her email imbroglio said about her “ability to handle far more challenging crises as president.” She called her decision to house State Dept. information on a non-government server not her “best choice.” She said that with a straight face, even claiming she had been as “transparent” as she could be.

If the Pinocchio effect was real, Mrs. Clinton’s nose would’ve stretched to the hem of her pantsuit.

Naturally Mr. Sanders felt the burn from some of his supporters after the debate because he had been handed a political gift and he chose to set himself aflame right there on the stage. Sanders is depicted by media as real competition for Hillary.

Enter The Washington Post “reporter”[red ink added for emphasis]:

“When the Clinton-Sanders back-and-forth happened, I wondered aloud (I talk to myself a lot) whether he had been misunderstood, whether accidentally or, more likely, on purpose, by Clinton. What I took Sanders to mean was that Clinton’s e-mail issue was a major distraction in the race and that she was to blame for it.”

Apparently all that talking to himself got the news gatherer into a state of confusion.

No, Sanders did not—“no way, no how”—even come close to blaming Mrs. Clinton for what Mrs. Clinton is actually completely responsible for. He showed up like a knight of yore to defend the lady.

This, my friends, is what passes for “news” about extreme leftists these days.

After Sanders ran cover for Mrs. Clinton, she delivered that multi-syllabic nerve-grinding laugh familiar to longtime observers of US royalty. Democrats’ only debate wasn’t a debate. It was an infomercial for the presumed anointee.

If you read the transcript available at CNN, you will see exactly how delusional the writer’s claims are.

Democrat youth may take Sanders and his worn out ideas on socialism seriously, but no one in his or her right mind should believe for a moment this guy is anything but a prop on the debate stage for Hillary Clinton. She anointed herself long before the official campaigns even began and Democrats are in the same boat we Republicans were in in 2008—stuck with a nominee no one likes except media personalities who talk to themselves in a delusional manner.

Apparently the WaPo writer got head-kicked by the donkey he attempted to kiss on the wrong end.

[Featured photo of Clinton and Sanders snipped from video;]

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 9, 2015)


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