Heil, MU! First Amendment canceled by professor and mob

During a staged protest at the University of Missouri on Monday, an assistant professor aided by an apparently lobotomized mob shut down a reporter’s rights in such an outrageous manner the prof should be fired and banned from education on any level. 

You cannot watch the video of the MU mob and not be outraged if you are smart enough to understand your rights.

CNN said the educator-activist’s name is Melissa Click. Numerous media have confirmed her identity, so I am taking it as fact until someone says otherwise.

If media are accurate about her identity, her bio at MU shows exactly how low a bar the university—once a heralded icon in journalism—has now set. The “educator” certainly has managed to do academic politics well, having received numerous non-memorable awards from non-memorable sources. Her bio includes some of her interest areas:

“…theories of gender and sexuality, and media literacy. Current research projects involve 50 Shades of Grey readers, the impact of social media in fans’ relationship with Lady Gaga, masculinity and male fans, messages about class and food in reality television programming, and messages about work in children’s television programs.”

Who knew your relationship with Lady Gaga on social media was worthy of tuition fees and course fees?

The reporter was attempting to cover another in a long line of “white privilege” staged events, customary for leftists in the United States when a major election is pending.

Anyone familiar with the education process knows there are numerous programs available to all students, and privilege extends to every single American citizen because of the scope of personal liberties in this country. The football team has been part of this fiasco, threatening to boycott the program that doles out generous scholarships.

Mizzou, as these coddled athletes’ team is called, is not worth your time even when playing your favorite team. I plan to boycott every single game they play with anyone in the SEC.

Mob behavior at this theatrical display was completely reprehensible.

The reporter attempting to do his job was patient and far more civil than I would have been. He had every right to be where he was. A mob of largely white females and one very eager young man decided to trample the reporter’s rights.

That someone called an assistant professor—in communications no less—assisted the mob is an outrage that should lead to her firing.

Kevin Hardy, a reporter for The Des Moines Register, posted a message on Twitter [@kevinmhardy] about Click’s “courting the media” to cover her sham event. She is obviously savvy about getting some ink for herself.

Protests across the land have served as launching pads for self-serving activists hoping to get TV time and book deals. Those same protests have done little to address real problems the country faces largely caused by an overreaching federal government and the extremist left party enabled by individuals like Click

The whole protest had a Children of the Corn feel to it. This is the idiocy our universities are exporting. How many worthy candidates didn’t get the job Click got?

No wonder international corporations want to import more labor into the US.

The activist educator called for “muscle” to deal with the reporter. She’d have been right at home in the Third Reich.

Heil, Mizzou. You canceled the First Amendment. That is unforgivable.

[Featured image: Tweet from Kevin M. Hardy, the Des Moines Register, regarding the MU staged protesters seeking media attention.]

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 10, 2015)

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