US taxpayers figuratively nuked by Iran theocrats

Iran’s government received a windfall most US taxpayers don’t even know about although we paid for that windfall. 

Pundits appear to be yawning at the short end of the stick US taxpayers received courtesy of the Obama administration’s negotiators. Those same negotiators were on the scene when Mr. Clinton sat in the Oval Office.

The controversial issue involves President Barack Obama’s agreement colloquially called ‘The Iran Nuclear Deal.’

Newsweek described the agreement. Part of the deal also included damages related to families whose loved ones were killed or assassinated or kidnapped by Iran. General terms included:

“The agreement, which resolved a long-running financial dispute with Iran, involved the return of $400 million in Iranian funds that the U.S. seized after the 1979 Islamic revolution, plus another $1.3 billion in interest.”

Regarding the families’ losses, Newsweek said:

“In 2000, the Clinton administration agreed to pay the $400 million to more than a dozen Americans who had won judgments against Iran in U.S. courts. At the time, American officials assured the victims that the Treasury would be reimbursed from the seized Iranian funds. That same year, Congress passed a law empowering the president to get the money from Iran.”

Enter then-Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Jacob Lew who then was director of President Bill Clinton’s Office of Management and Budget but now Obama’s Sec. of Treasury. Before Bill Clinton left office, his wife got him to set up Lew to handle terms of the settlement to the victims. Why? Hillary Clinton, said Newsweek, wanted to keep Jewish voters happy in order to secure her Senate seat.

Lew and Mrs. Clinton’s deal led us to today. US taxpayers picked up the tab for Iran’s heinous crimes.

The whole story is even more complicated and outrageous than this commentary covers, but suffice it to say, no one in Washington is looking out for the United States when deals are done by appeasers like the Clintons. And as you know if you read this column, the Clintons have, by proxy, played a major role in running this country while Obama has been president.

The US taxpayer continues to be looted. And pundits gaze at their navels and wonder why the electorate—on both sides of the aisle—is so angry.

It was another US president, a former governor, whose ineptitude directly contributed to Iran’s rogue nation status. The Democrat Jimmy Carter bungled the response to the seizing of the US Embassy in Tehran, completely ignoring this:

“International rules do not allow representatives of the host country to enter an embassy without permission –even to put out a fire — and designate an attack on an embassy as an attack on the country it represents.”

Dr. Walid Phares, an expert on international affairs, called the nuclear deal “Washngton’s gravest mistake in foreign policy.” Once again Dr. Phares gets it right while the regime in power gets it dead wrong.

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Via Twitter, a quote from a Newsweek article about the fleecing of US taxpayers by Iran, with the Obama Administration’s help. (Snip: @IAMMGraham/Twitter)

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Jan. 23, 2016)

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