Sanders is the ‘not-Hillary’ for Democrats tired of Clintons running the US

Clinton and Sanders

2016 Democrat frontrunners Hillary Clinton (left) and Sen. Bernie Sanders. (Snip from video: David Pakman show [])

The two Democrats vying for their party’s presidential nomination make for an interesting political study. The same party whose voters elected attractive youthful presidents like John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama suddenly has two elderly politicos up for the job.

Hillary Clinton has solid brand recognition—she’s been in front of cameras for decades. She also has a paper trail as tall as the national debt.  Yet Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is holding his own so far, with some media reporting the vast majority of voters younger than 30 supported the self-declared socialist in the Iowa caucuses.

Sanders, for people who self-label using the inappropriate term ‘progressives’, is the Not-Hillary for 2016. 

Republicans were in that position in 2008 and 2012 when the party power brokers’ favorite nominees were not popular with the grassroots.

Mrs. Clinton may have been surprised by Sanders’ modest success, but staying in character, she’s rather like the little stuffed bunny rabbit zooming around on a top brand of batteries in those TV commercials. On the stump, the long time politician whose husband parlayed the presidency into incredible wealth via  the family foundation and speeches around the globe returned to familiar stomping grounds.

Mrs. Clinton has revived one of her favorite defense weapons—the ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ long allegedly out to get her. The original claim had to do with one of Mr. Clinton’s sexual excursions, and it turned out he did have a form of sex with “that” particular woman, nullifying the ‘conspiracy’ theory.

Like most other top Democrats who favor rhetoric over reality, Mrs. Clinton is assailing Republicans as catering to the uber-wealthy. CBS quoted the presidential wannabe speaking about the GOP and the VRWC:

“They’ve brought in some new multibillionaires,” she said. “They want to control our country. They want to rig the economy so they can get richer and richer.”

Obviously, the tin-foil hat phenomenon is in play here. Soros Fund Management has given Mrs. Clinton more than $7 million, and if you look at her career haul, Wall Street helped make this woman. Bear in mind Soros shut down his hedge fund empire in 2011—so the firm didn’t have to register with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Clinton Cash book

The book ‘Clinton Cash’ details the power couple’s lucrative mix of politics and deals.

An entire book has been written about perks, benefits, and cash for the Clintons’ foundation—from foreign interests to domestic. Clinton Cash details the convergence of money and political events, particularly during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Obama’s secretary of state. Examples include an early Clinton Foundation donor who acquired rights to “cut timber in a biologically diverse forest on the pristine Colombian shoreline.” The timber “would be cut along picturesque Huaca Beach in Choco and shipped to China.” That financial blessing came about after Mrs. Clinton decided to support a Free Trde Agreement with Columbia. She had been against that agreement when she ran for president in 2008. For the record, Obama had been against it too.

These are the politicos who wail about the environment and global warming on a tedious, regular basis. According to Clinton Cash (pgs. 196-200), Mrs. Clinton even bucked three senators—all Democrats—on the matter of aid for Colombia. The Dem senators wanted to cut it because of “human rights abuses” concerns and the fact even big-spending Dems are beginning to wake up and realize the vast amount of debt (not to be confused with the deficit) the Obama administration has racked up.

No wonder some Democrat voters attending political events have yelled “liar” when Mrs. Clinton’s name came up.

Mrs. Clinton’s hubris is astounding. She recently brought up vulnerabilities in US cybersecurity. This from a secretary of state who opened the door to sensitive (and yes, some of them classified) government documents.

Former South Carolina governor Jim Hodges—he won one term because a sector of Republicans decided to support and campaign for him—told a Web news site Hillary is “somebody who voters grow more fond of the more they see her on the campaign trail.”

Democrats always have done fiction with Shakespearean skills.

Sanders is currently ahead of Mrs. Clinton by double digits in polling for the New Hampshire Primary.

Meanwhile, there’s a glaring question no media have asked Mrs. Clinton about. While she promises more change, change is not likely should she become the second in her family to occupy the White House. Fact is, members of the Clintons’ inner circle have been running this country the whole time Obama has been in office.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 4, 2016)

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