Ahead of Carolina Primary, Trump social media misfires on Cruz

Coburn statement on Cruz not true

This tweet sent by the Trump campaign has been deleted. Only the bottom quote attributed to Dr. Coburn is true. The top statement, never said by Coburn, was actually written by a leftist extremist. (Snip via Twitter)

South Carolina is my home state, and my friends and family there are about to cast votes in the primaries. Republicans vote Feb. 20; Democrats will do that on Feb. 27.

Because Republicans are running a real primary with more than one viable candidate, I expected a lot of infighting and passionate rhetoric.

I didn’t expect the social media arm of the GOP frontrunner to misfire in a very big way on top tier candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas).

I didn’t expect the Trump campaign to commit an act similar to an act they’ve consistently accused Sen. Cruz of committing.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s campaign tweeted this about Cruz, and the quote appeared to come from a well-known US senator:

“He is, without a doubt, one of the most dishonest people in DC.” 

That quote was accompanied by a direct quote from former US Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) who is widely admired by fiscal conservatives. The tweet from Trump’s campaign also featured a color photo of Coburn and a link to the website source. Both quotes appeared to come from Coburn.

I responded to it, saying, “Wow. Coming from Dr. Coburn, that is troubling.”

At that point, I didn’t realize it, but I’d been hit by a misfire from the Trump campaign. Why? 

Dr. Coburn didn’t call Cruz “one of the most dishonest people in DC.”

Who actually called Cruz that?

A rabid blogger whose mission in life appears to be hating those who oppose big government. He, in my opinion, is a typical leftwing extremist.

Normally I check sources for quotes. But when a campaign’s social media manager makes an attribution, using quotes, I normally accept it as true. Lesson learned.

I knew Coburn disapproved of Cruz’s position on the so-called ‘government shutdown’ and repealing the PPACA (Obamacare) tax bill.

It didn’t take long for Cruz supporters to straighten me out and I promised to provide a correction today.

The original tweet sent by Trump’s campaign appears to have been deleted, but another individual on Twitter not associated with the campaign had kept a copy of it. That is the copy you see here.

South Carolina people, all I can say is please vote for whomever you think is the best candidate and whatever else you do, in the end we must come together to keep a socialist Democrat out of the White House. Socialist principles have already crept into our great Republic, and the ‘money-grows-on-trees’ approach has broken the bank.

I hope Trump’s campaign will apologize to Cruz, but I doubt that is going to happen. According to one conservative site, among others, Donald Trump continued to base claims about Cruz on the Tweet after many of us learned it was not accurate.

As for Dr. Coburn, I admire him very much, but as many readers know, I have long written about Sen. Cruz and I fully supported his stance on the fake shutdown exploited so greedily by Democrats and on the blighted PPACA/Obamacare tax bill that will continue to erode middle class wealth because PPACA s nothing more than a side door tax on the middle class as a tool to provide more dollars for redistribution to political cronies and favored voting blocs.

To read more about Cruz here at my site, simply enter his last name or ‘Sen. Ted Cruz’ in the search bar.

A final reminder. Many Republicans and Democrats (with help from some errant pollsters) predicted the GOP would not do well in the 2014 midterms. Republicans regained control of the Senate, but I don’t think any of them admitted they were wrong about Cruz and they remain wrong about their willingness to kowtow to socialists in this government.

As a sidenote to all the GOP candidates, bear in mind the real opponent is the party currently controlling the White House. There’s a very long trail of information about that and about Democrats’ candidates that should be included in messaging. I believe a GOP candidate will gain far more by informing Americans about what the Democrats’ party has devolved to and the danger of 8 more years of a ‘Clintonite’ presidency.

Vote well, Carolina, and remember this. The object is to keep a socialist out of the White House and restore some sense of accountability and honor to our corrupt, bloated, inefficient government. Cruz has been outspoken about that since day one, and what curtailed many of his efforts were dinosaurs on both sides of the aisle.

Ed. Note: I have not endorsed a GOP candidate in the primary process. I have written stories about many of our candidates like Cruz, Rubio, and Trump, and you can access them via the search bar on this page.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 17, 2016)


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