Pope didn’t just say Trump ‘not Christian’; fuller debate needed

Trump campaign response Vatican walls

Trump’s campaign responded to the Pope’s bizarre remarks about Christians and walls with an aerial view of the Vatican walls. (Snip/Twitter)

Not for the first time has the current Catholic pope said something I found off-putting.

The Associated Press and other media reported Francis’ remarks “aboard the papal plane.” The pope had visited Mexico,  a country reliant on US taxpayer aid. The US taxpayer even funds food stamps for workers who enter our country and if they supply a stolen social security number to an employer, break federal law to do so.

Mexico indisputably has problems with crime and corruption in its government.

The US continues to carry a trade deficit with Mexico.

Yet the pope seems oblivious to these matters. He routinely criticizes capitalism, and indirectly, those of us who believe a country has every right to control the flow of those who come here. His latest remarks are, in fact, an insult to many of us. Not a good way to build a bridge, wouldn’t you say?

The pope said this, according to CNN:

“”A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the gospel,” the Pope told journalists who asked his opinion on Trump’s proposals to halt illegal immigration.”

Now the pope did nuance his political statement by saying “only about building walls” and not bridges. But most know he aimed his remarks not only at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump but at those of us who believe a wall on the southern border as well as some semblance of control on migration are vital for national security. At present there is complete lack of control over who has access to the United States and who can leave it as well.

By the way, Trump isn’t the only GOP contender who says a wall would be in our best interest.

Unfortunately religious figures like the pope and other open borders proponents view the current migrant inflow as “immigration.” That is a false label. Not all who come want to immigrate and assimilate. Some come for handouts. Others come and go to conduct criminal enterprises.

Most of us welcome law-abiding immigrants. But we also believe a more practical policy is necessary for the wellbeing of all who live here or come here legitimately.

Even the current left of center administration’s Dept. of Homeland Security has admitted releasing thousands of criminals into the US interior, a direct negation of the oath the president took when he assumed office. Consider information disclosed in the US House Judiciary Committee hearing:

“According to information provided to the House Judiciary Committee earlier this year by ICE, the agency released 30,558 criminal aliens with a total of 79,059 convictions in Fiscal Year 2014. Of those released in Fiscal Year 2014, new information shows that 1,423 of these criminal aliens committed additional crimes – such as vehicular homicide, sexual assault, battery, domestic violence, child abuse, theft, and driving under the influence of alcohol – after being let go by ICE.”

Jamiel Shaw murder Trump campaign

The ad by the Trump campaign about the brutal murder of Jamiel Shaw is one of the most moving I’ve seen in this cycle. (Trump campaign video)

How does this policy affect Americans? Ask the family of 17 year old Jamiel Shaw, gunned down by an individual who should not have been in the United States. Media have ignored violent crimes by criminal aliens for years.

Not once has the pope or anyone on the left expressed condolences to families like those of Jamiel Shaw, and they are numerous. Media ignore these families as well.

The pope’s refusal to consider the wellbeing of Americans aside, he has displayed a stunning contradiction. In a previous column, I pointed out the wall around the Vatican and the near-impossible task of obtaining citizenship papers from the same.

There are walls and there are walls, you know. If you’re not Catholic, head to the next Mass and tell the priest you aren’t Catholic or haven’t been baptized but you want to share in the Lord’s supper. It is unlikely you’ll be invited to sit at that table.

It is astounding that the pope would categorize as “not Christian” those who believe the US is dangerously insecure and believe a wall and controlling migration are necessary to aid in the task presidents like Obama and those who came before him have refused to undertake. Visa reform is also vital. Deciding whom to admit, based on skills, criminal history, and the potential for welfare costs are also important.

It is also astounding the reporters with an obvious politically biased agenda on that “papal plane” didn’t ask the pope about other issues that are open for debate. The pope has declared himself “political.

Why not ask him about no-limits-abortion, or the fact the open border currently contributes to human trafficking, drug importation, and the movement of weaponry and stolen goods? Why not ask about gender equality? Can females become priests? Why can’t anyone who believes in God receive communion?

Does the Catholic church want to engage in a full debate based not only on politics of the US government but Vatican politics? Are US media being honest by asking only questions that may benefit one political party in the US while blatantly ignoring others?

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 18, 2016)

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