Romney speech pushing for brokered convention sounded like push poll call I got

Listening to part of failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney speak in the cradle of Mormonism in Salt Lake City, Utah, I realized speech sounded eerily like a push poll call I got on Saturday. Obviously what we have is an orchestrated campaign by some major power brokers intent on a brokered convention for the GOP.

Trump praised by Romney

When Trump pledged support to Romney, the former governor praised Trump’s “extraordinary ability.” (Snip/YouTube video)

Romney attacked the GOP frontrunner, saying Trump is “very very not smart.” This is the same Romney who formerly praised Trump.

Obviously attempting to manipulate GOP voters towards a brokered convention, Romney claimed he wasn’t endorsing a candidate. He said voters should vote for one candidate in one state (John Kasich in Ohio, etc.) and for another in another state.

Yes, US voter, politicos really do think you are too stupid to form your own opinion.

Never mind voting for whom you choose—your opinion doesn’t count.

This is the type of habitual manipulation that can and has cost Republicans the White House and will install Hillary Clinton as our (disastrous for the middle class) next president.

It is likely Romney and others wouldn’t too much mind the Clinton machine continuing their reign. We already know Clinton associates have run this country during President Barack Obama’s administration as well as during Bill Clinton’s two terms in the 1990s. In between we had eight years of Republican George W. Bush. Bush has acknowledged his family and the Clintons have close ties.

Why is Romney positioning himself as the head of the ‘Anti-Trump’ movement?

The uber-wealthy reliant on US tax dollars and control of our government are interested in continuing the status quo. What I heard of Romney’s speech today— as I said, it was eerily like a push poll call I got on Saturday.

The poll asked for responses to what amounted to an attack on Trump. Each question was prefaced by information taken out of context to induce me to select a candidate other than Trump. I have an idea which candidate this organization favors, but I am not naming him because I have no proof. The push poll call I got originated from Occoquan, Virginia.

I deliberately threw the poll, by the way.

A friend of mine on Facebook got the same call and did the same thing I did.

I’ve studied the candidates in this race to a point where I have determined whom I will not vote for in the Primary. I am not endorsing anyone, but I have come to the conclusion there are two outsiders in this race—Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Donald Trump. On the Democrats’ side, Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) is the outsider. Make of that what you will. My top favorite candidate isn’t running anyway.

Romney never mounted a campaign as energetic as this anti-Trump effort. The former left of center Massachusetts governor set up an Obamacare-style health plan before Democrats foisted one on the nation. Romneycare—the millstone around the former governor’s neck as I predicted when megadonors selected him in the 2012 cycle before the first primary—remains a plan in trouble.

As a matter of fact, Romney, in a reversal of his positions during his 2012 presidential run, was accused by President Barack Obama of flip-flopping on carbon emissions. What Obama said was true:

“Governor, when you were governor of Massachusetts, you stood in front of a coal plant and pointed at it and said, ‘This plant kills,’ and took great pride in shutting it down. And now suddenly you’re a big champion of coal,” Obama said.”

Romney lost to Obama in 2012 as I knew he would early on in the campaign cycle because he did not prosecute a passionate case against the president. After all, win or lose, Mr. Romney still held onto his wealth.

So bear in mind the quality of the politico you’re listening to if you weren’t in the obviously adoring audience hee-hawing the former governor.

Fact is both Democrats and Republicans in high level offices are loved in a bipartisan manner by the donor class. Compare the following:

Romney’s 2012 top donors

George W. Bush top donors 2004

Hillary Clinton donors (career)

Barack Obama top donors 2008

If you don’t see a pattern, you’re blind. Megadonors have long pulled the strings in Washington and the prospect of those strings being cut alarms them because they, just like you and I, want to hang onto their wealth. Our modest wealth is naturally disadvantaged if we are political class outsiders.

Here’s the deal.

Trump has shaped a coalition that has expanded the Republican Party’s reach. No one can deny that. His supporters comprise roughly one third of those participating in the primaries. Much has been made of teaming up Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) with Cruz to combine their votes. That assumes each candidate owns the votes that have been cast for them.

They don’t. There is no accurate way to predict which way votes will go if a candidate attempts to help manipulate the brokered convention Romney obviously is pushing for.

There is a way to predict the outcome of a brokered convention for the GOP because Trump’s voters will not budge. That number has stayed constant throughout the primaries. That is why he is winning and that is why I have given him the respect I would give any frontrunner of my party’s race. I also, unlike many who write in opposition media, respect the voices of Trump’s supporters.

If Romney’s manipulation effort succeeds, courtesy of millions in dark money networks will eagerly take in via negative ads, we will have a third manifestation of the Clinton dynasty in the White House. The middle class will continue to decline, migration will continue unabated, and dinosaurs on both sides of the aisle in Congress will continue to go along to get along. Some wealth will likely depart the US because that is what the wealthy do when they confront the possibility of taxes like those Mrs. Clinton or a squishy Republican will impose.

The donor class will be fine either way. Bear that in mind as you digest the remarks from Romney,  chief spokesman for the mythic “One Percent.”

Meanwhile as House Speaker Paul Ryan comes out against Trump and likely has little love for Cruz either, he’s been touting the obese spending bill Republican leaders and President Barack Obama sealed in December. Reason magazine, in an excellent analysis of the $1.1 trillion “Omnibus”, quoted Captain Fletcher in the film The Outlaw Josey Wales:

“Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”

When Romney delivered his assault on Trump, take note there was no passionate assault on the Democrats’ candidates. That pretty much tells you all you need to know, but there is one thing you can do to learn more about the top tier candidates in this race.

Look at their voting/Senate records and look at their donors. There is a donor that all those candidates listed above and those listed below have in common. That megadonor, a major Wall Street player, is missing only from both Donald Trump’s contributors’ list and that of Sen. Sanders on the Dem side:

Sen. Marco Rubio voting record
      Rubio donors

Sen. Ted Cruz voting record
      Cruz donors

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 3, 2016)

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