Fascinating take on Trump and conservatives, courtesy of ‘Dilbert’ creator

Scott Adams analyzes Trump

‘Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams explained Trump’s appeal in a recent interview on ‘Fox & Friends.’

The most fascinating take on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has been delivered, courtesy of the creator of Dilbert (and the equally quirky Dogbert). 

Dilbert is the creation of Scott Adams, and if you’ve ever worked in an office job, you will probably empathize. I’ve mostly been self-employed, but at times I marveled at the rates people paid me to produce work their own employees had time and capacity to produce. Other times I marveled when  people paid me to sit in a meeting comprising a discussion of absolutely nothing.

Scott Adams Dilbert

Scott Adams blogs about politics and society at the Dilbert website and posts on his page at Twitter. (Snip: @ScottAdamsSays/Twitter)

After a recent interview with Fox & Friends, the hosts apparently thought Adams was endorsing Trump. I didn’t perceive it that way. For one thing, Adams disavowed all politicians as soon as the interview began. I saw it as Adams analyzing Trump’s skills  with perhaps an undercurrent of appreciation for what I view as deconstruction of the status quo.

The video is well worth viewing, as is a blog post Adams wrote about Trump.

From the video, snippets of Adams’ remarks:

“Trump is changing more than just politics. He’s changing more than the Republican Party. I think he’s changing how we look at the human condition. I think people have decided the politicians are lying all the time and he’s just another one. So I think…his budget, his positions…people largely don’t care. He’s appealing on an emotional visceral level…it’s kind of ironic. He’s accused of being the least scientific person…but he’s the only one using the science of persuasion in all the ways it can be used…I see in him the highest level of skill in terms of just persuasive technique that I’ve ever seen in any human being alive…He won’t change his mind or apologize even when the facts say he should.”

If you read Adams’ blog, you’ll probably see he takes an equally objective view of what the right calls conservatism and the left calls progressivism.

I’ve quizzed self-labeled conservatives up and down over the years. I once told a friend, “If a politician says he’s ‘pro-life’, he could burn the White House down and still have a positive approval rating.” A similar theory applies to self-labeled progressives.

Such is the nature of politics.

Adams elaborates on Trump and his fellow candidates at the Dilbert site:

“Trump has laid bare the ridiculousness of the conservative label. In 2016, the word conservative can be seen as a tool of influence – a shaming tool – used by the party elites to bring people together under their handpicked puppet. Conservative doesn’t have a normal definition that is useful and widely understood. That’s why it works so well for persuasion. If it had a rigid definition, lots of people could find a reason to disagree. But by leaving the definition of conservative in ambiguity, people see nothing with which they can disagree. That is classic persuasion.”

You can also follow Adams on Twitter @ScottAdamsSays.

As I said earlier, I didn’t perceive Adams’ remarks as an endorsement of Trump. So I took the header on the Fox & Friends video with a grain of salt—clickbait. Perhaps they’ll change the header.

I did perceive Adams’ remarks as spot on when it comes to politics, the world’s second oldest profession sharing so much in common with the world’s oldest and far more honest profession.

*Read my take on Trump’s appeal

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 7, 2016)

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  1. jimkress35 says:

    “He’s appealing on an emotional visceral level”

    The classic definition of a demagogue. Trump, like every other demagogue in History is dangerous, self obsessed and cannot be allowed to govern.

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