Trump snark sparks guffaws, anti-male joke from astronaut on Clinton panel

A snark about GOP frontrunner Donald Trump sparked guffaws from NASA astronaut Cady Coleman during a panel sponsored by the Clinton Foundation. The panel hosted by Bill Clinton addressed ‘The Courage to Create.’ Who else was featured? None other than a major actor in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’.

Cady Coleman Clinton Foundation panel

After guffawing over Ghonim’s joke about Donald Trump, NASA astronaut Cady Coleman joked about sending all males to Mars. (Snip: video/YouTube)

The man who played a key role in ungluing Egypt, Wael Ghonim, shining star in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ that morphed into an Arab Winter, interrupted Coleman as she declared, “We are absolutely going to Mars.”

Ghonim, completely off topic, quipped:

“I have to interrupt you and say if Trump wins, I’m definitely going to Mars.”

Besides the fact the Clinton Foundation is not supposed to favor or disfavor a candidate because of its cushy tax status, Ghonim hardly has room to criticize any potential president who’d do things differently than the current buy januvia 100 mg online ‘Clinton [status] quo’.

Ghonim and allies in the administration of President Barack Obama—dominated by individuals who have long served the Clintons—miscalculated what was going on in the Mideast and North Africa. How many died in the Arab Spring-Winter? Media don’t pay much attention to that.

Ironically, Ghonim acknowledges the failure of the revolution he helped orchestrate. In a post at Quora, he wrote:

“Egypt is in a far more worse position than during the Mubarak days. We are in an era of an army-based staged democracy, a polarized nation, an unprecedented violation of human rights, accompanied with geopolitical challenges and a struggling economy.”

For Ghonim, a native Egyptian, the revolution run amok has paid off. He helped found Parlio and now Quora has acquired the site. Users’ content, according to Tech Crunch, can be downloaded until April 30.

When Ghonim made his move-to-Mars joke, Coleman erupted into guffaws before saying:

“I joke around that if you can put one man on the moon, why not all of them?”

Coleman wore her uniform, paid for by US taxpayers who certainly include males, during her stint on the navel-gazing panel.

Hat tip to The American Mirror for catching this moment in US political inanity.

To understand the real story about how the Clinton Foundation’s tentacles reach into destructive politics around the globe, read Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer. You’ll come away wondering how anyone could ever vote for a Clinton for any office again.

It’s acceptable for Coleman to state her opinions, but if she is going to wander off into frivolous gender bias, she shouldn’t be wearing her official NASA uniform. Imagine the angst if a male astronaut joked about sending all females to Mars.

Coleman tweeted enthusiastically about the panel discussion on her Twitter account (@Astro_Cady).

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/April 20, 2016)

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