Israel moment as Brit leaders decry Obama’s meddling in BREXIT debate

EU map

EU map from CIA World Factbook.

President Barack Obama drew criticism over his comments about Britain leaving the European Union—BREXIT—during his final visit to the country. One leader decried the US president’s “monstrous interference” in the matter. Obama wants Britain to remain in the EU. 

The controversy smacks of déjà vu. In March, 2015, credible allegations about Obama associates interfering in Israel’s election surfaced. It’s no secret Obama isn’t a fan of Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Despite efforts from leftist activists in the US, Netanyahu won reelection.

The BREXIT controversy seems to echo much of the frustration in the US today as our own borders are neutered by globalists on both right and left. A significant bloc of Brits wants their country back.

Tower Bridge London

London’s Tower Bridge (CIA World Factbook)

While the US has seen vast changes—a decline in manufacturing, a glutted labor market and lower wages, clashes between cultures—because of trade deals and those porous borders, we technically remain a sovereign nation. However, some comments from Brit leaders are worth considering because of similarities to our own plight.

Iain Duncan Smith, former cabinet minister, remarked to The Sun (UK) the US “would never accept free movement from Mexico or Canada or a loss of sovereignty.”

Unfortunately, we already have accepted that paradigm.

US borders are not secure—people largely come and go as they please and if they are caught, it’s no big deal for the most part. The Dept. of Homeland Security has admitted releasing thousands of criminals into the US interior.  Federal laws are broken by the government Americans pay to safeguard our sovereignty. Increasingly, trade deals undermine US sovereignty and they are poorly negotiated.

The ‘climate change’ agreement Obama will happily sign is nothing more than another tactic in redistributing wealth—from the US middle class to populations and profiteers in other countries. You can read a left of center essay here, wherein the author conflates ‘climate change’ with global warming. The two terms are not interchangeable, but the left relies on the deception to persuade those outside the political class that all will be well if we give up gas, oil, and coal. If leftists currently controlling the US have their way, we will see even more drastic erosion in middle class lifestyles.

The UN has publicly admitted the intent to transfer our wealth.

Thus, having eroded US sovereignty and transferred wealth to largely dysfunctional nations and crony oligarchs, Obama’s enthusiasm for the European Union framework is perfectly understandable. He isn’t alone. Most leftist leaders have no special love for the US—as a matter of fact, promoting  love of country will likely draw attacks and charges of  “nativism” or “nationalism” or worse.

Independence Party leader (UK) Nigel Farage was blunt, telling Brit media Obama “should stay home”:

“A monstrous interference,” Farage told Fox News Thursday. “I’d rather he stayed in Washington, frankly, if that’s what he’s going to do.”

Britain will hold a referendum on June 23 to determine whether to stay in the EU or exit. The CIA World Factbook has a backgrounder on the development of the EU for those unfamiliar with the history.

Meanwhile Turkey wants to join the EU. That country still enforces blasphemy laws. Germany is prosecuting a comic for insulting Turkey’s president.

For the little people, globalization has in some ways been a blessing, and in more ways, a curse. Many Brits are wising up. Hopefully, Americans will do the same as we head to vote for a new president in November.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/April 22, 2016)

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